Secrets of anti-aging makeup

Secrets of anti-aging makeup
Women always want to look fresh and young. But the reflection in the mirror is far from every day can please us.

If your appearance you absolutely do not like, but you have to go to people and look great, the uncomplicated secrets of rejuvenating make-up will come to the rescue.

To begin with, we need to understand which parts of the exterior are aging us. This is a dull complexion, uneven skin, blackness under the eyes, narrow lips, lack of blush, faded eyebrows and eyelashes. To level out all these shortcomings, you need to work a little. Refreshes the face with a contrasting face wash with a cold rinse at the end. It is good to have an express mask or instant serum to improve the color and tone of the facial skin. If such a tool is not at hand, apply a normal moisturizer.

Now you need to level the complexion. To do this, you need to use a concealer, preferably with reflective particles. Its tone should be slightly lighter than the color of your skin. The concealer needs to walk through the darkest areas of the face: the wings of the nose, under the eyes, in the center of the chin and nasolabial folds. If the skin itself is problematic, it is worthwhile putting a tone on the entire face. The dense basis is old, emphasizes wrinkles, so you need to use an airy and light tonal basis in the tone of your skin.

Powder is applied from above, in a small amount, it is better to use friable, applying it with gentle touches of a brush or puff. Without blush, you can not achieve a fresh and flowering appearance. Give up orange and brick shades, choose gently-peach or pale pink. To apply blush it is necessary only on the most convex top part of a cheekbone, carefully shading borders. To revitalize the complexion, apply very little blush under the eyebrows. These accents immediately give the person a fresh and rested look.

Make your lips visually more plump with light lipstick or glitter of peach, apricot or pink tones. Dark and bright lipstick will age. Today, stylists are advised to use a white pencil for the outline of the lip contour. You can hardly go beyond their natural boundaries, carefully blend the line of the stroke and cover the lips with the proper tone of lipstick or shine. If you prefer lipstick, do not forget to put a little dull shine on the center of the lower lip, this secret will visually give volume to the lips.

The shape of the eyebrows should match the shape of the face. Ideally, this question is best entrusted to a professional make-up artist. As for the color, the rule of matching the color of the hair acts here. The darker the hair, the darker the to be an eyebrow. With colored mascara for eyelashes should not be experimented. The exception is only a brown color, it goes to almost everyone and looks on the eyelashes more gently than the classic black. Curved eyelashes will also make the look younger. Try to stain the eyelashes well at the outer corners of the eyes. But the lower eyelashes it is better not to paint at all. By the end of the day, the carcass particles settle on the skin and look like black circles, giving the face an exhausted look.

It is quite easy to make your face younger, it's only worth trying a little, applying the correct technique of make-up. And your face will again shine with beauty.

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