Sealing nails with wax: an easy and effective procedure

Sealing nails with wax: an easy and effective procedure
Regular coating of nails spoils their structure. They become brittle and thin. Also a similar problem appears after removing the nails. Return the previous look and health can be by sealing the nail plate with wax.

Make a warm bath for hands with the addition of a small amount of sea or salt. Remove the cuticle and give the desired shape to the nails. Now take a little wax (come up with the usual olive oil), apply it to the nails. After this, with a soft velvet nail file, start grinding the nail plate.

When it gets smooth and shiny, go to another nail. In principle, the procedure does not take too much time. The main thing is do not use a grinding or metal nail file with a large abrasive – you only damage the nails. You can buy what you need in a special store selling nail care products. Consult the seller about this.

If you do not have the slightest desire to do monotonous work, contact a beauty salon. The manicure master will bring your weakened marigolds into full order. And besides, to seal the nail plates need not so often: 1 times a week will be quite enough.

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