Sea voyage: masks from algae

Sea voyage: masks from algae
Algae is used not only for the preparation of wraps, but also masks for the face. They are rich in micro- and macronutrients, iodine and other substances useful to the skin. That is why masks from algae have "magic" properties. After such procedures, the skin becomes tight, elastic and velvety.

For the manufacture of masks from seaweed it is best to use dried kelp. You can buy it at a pharmacy or cosmetic store. Fill with 1 Tbsp. dry algae with a small amount of water at room temperature. Leave the mixture for several hours to kelp разбухла. По истечении этого времени отожмите водоросли от лишней жидкости и можете использовать для приготовления масок. Кстати, ламинарию допускается хранить 2-3 дня в холодной воде.

To make a classic all-purpose mask, apply the swollen algae onto clean, steamed skin in an even layer. During the procedure, you should take a comfortable position: lie on the couch or sit in a chair. You can make a mask while taking a bath. Wet warm air promotes better penetration of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. After half an hour, remove the mask with a moist cotton swab and rinse the skin with cool water. This procedure perfectly refreshes and smoothes the skin, gives it a healthy appearance.

If desired, you can enrich the composition of the mask with additional components. So, for example, in order to improve the cleansing and toning properties, add 1 tsp. liquid honey. Owners of oily skin type can use lemon juice and egg white. With dry skin, mix the swollen laminaria with raw egg yolk, 1 st.l. Oil of mango, olive, avocado or walnut. Fresh aloe juice is indicated for inflamed and problematic skin.

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