Salicylic peeling

Salicylic peeling
Peeling is popular and relevant among women, which is why they use a huge number of women. This procedure can be used to control the keratinized cells of your skin. This can be due to aging of the skin or any other defects that appear on the skin. This procedure can affect both the surface layer of the skin and its epidermis. Because of this, several layers of skin are cleared, and then elastin and collagen are produced, thanks to which your skin is pulled up and leveled. Also, new cells appear that replace the old ones. In addition, with the help of peeling you can get rid of the fat content of the skin, prevents the appearance of acne or blackheads, and also helps to close the pores. Salicylic peeling has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and due to this it prevents the appearance of acne or rash, and your skin always looks beautiful and even.

This procedure also helps to smooth out your skin. This procedure can be used without side effects.

Peeling happens: biological, laser, mechanical and chemical. Each species affects the skin in different ways, it can be: deep, superficial, medial.

The procedure for salicylic peeling refers to the chemical species. Penetration into the skin refers to the surface-median subspecies. And it acts as follows: it completely destroys the skin. Thanks to this procedure, restores the work of the sebaceous glands, skin is aligned, new cells are formed.

Also let's look at the types of salicylic peeling: in the first form of salicylic acid, only 15% is used.

And for the second type, 30% of salicylic acid is used. It does not matter which of the two types you choose the most important thing you need to carry out this procedure only in the cabin, and in any case do not spend it at home. In the salon you will have all the necessary procedures and will take care of precautions.

После того как вы сделаете процедуру у вас может быть шелушится кожа, также могут появиться некоторые пигментные пятна. Это зависит от типа вашей кожи. Не переживайте, через несколько недель все пройдет и ваша кожа будет ровной и бархатистой.

This procedure must be performed when you have: age-related skin changes, after you have removed the pigmented spot, if you have oily skin or have various acne or acne.

Ни в коем случае нельзя применять процедуру, если: вы беременны, если у вас период лактации, повышение температуры, нарушение кожного покрова или герпес.

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