Rules of care for exfoliated nails

Rules of care for exfoliated nails
Stratification of nails is a big problem for women, especially for those who often have to contact with cleaning and washing agents. Strengthen the nails will help proper nutrition and regular care.

The main reason for the stratification of nails is the lack of microelements and vitamins in the body, because they are necessary for strengthening the nail plate. These include calcium, iron, silicon and zinc. If there is a lack of calcium in the body, you need to include in the diet fish, milk, cheese, nuts, cottage cheese and sea kale. Deficiency of silicon can be corrected with the help of bananas, green beans, currants and green salad. In the liver, lean meat and dried fruits contain a lot of iron. Also you can buy a special complex of vitamins.

Correct and regular care will make you a happy owner of beautiful and strong nails. Remember that you can not allow direct contact of the hands with detergents and cleaning agents. Always wear rubber gloves when doing household chores. In addition, hot water dries and weakens the nails, so try to wash your hands only in warm water.

Несколько раз в месяц нужно делать маникюр. Для снятия лака используйте только щадящие средства, в состав которых не входит ацетон. Помните, что ногтям периодически нужно давать отдых от декоративного лака – примерно раз в две недели. В это время можете использовать бесцветный лечебный лак. Он сделает ногти крепкими и упругими, защитит их от вредного воздействия окружающей среды.

Regular massage helps strengthen the nail plate. A couple of times a week, produce it with a child's brush, soaped with glycerin or baby soap. You need to do the movements carefully. You can make baths with sea salt and iodine. This will help to strengthen the nails and get rid of the bundle.

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