Rules for make-up in the style of no make-up

Rules for make-up in the style of no make-up
Make-up without make-up is an excellent option for every day, when there is absolutely no time to create a marathon, but you really want to look fabulous.

Armed with concealer and start creating the perfect tone of the face. Eliminate all redness, traces of fatigue, age spots or traces of post-acne. Note that for different types of imperfections you will need different concealers, so we advise you to buy a pallet with correctors of absolutely inconceivable colors, including green (perfectly masks redness).

An excellent choice will be VV-cream, which will not only take care of the skin, but will also allow you to stay as natural as possible. In this case, the tone of your face will look much better.

The effect you need to achieve is the effect of well-groomed eyebrows. This is not suitable for a dark pencil, which you usually create a clear, clearly defined eyebrows. Easy natural negligence is all that is needed for an ideal image. Use also a gel for the eyebrows to lay them in a natural, but neat mess.

The highlighter in the cheekbones will give the face a healthy appearance. But do not overdo it: you need to achieve only the effect of light radiance, and not intergalactic gloss.

Забудьте о пудре. Она априори не позволит вам выглядеть естественно. Присмотритесь к средствам с гелевой и кремовой текстурами, они сделают ваш облик максимально приближенным к натуральному.

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