Rules for choosing a foundation

Rules for choosing a foundation
Properly selected by the shade and texture of the foundation cream will help make the skin tone of the face impeccable. This cosmetic product gives the skin radiance, will hide shortcomings. But that the purchased product does not turn a face into a porcelain mask, it is necessary to take into account the features of the skin and appearance when searching for a foundation. When choosing a tonal facility, first of all, you need to pay attention to the type of skin. For dry skin, a moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid or other components that retain moisture is optimal. Typically, such cosmetic products contain a small amount of pigment, so when buying this moment you need to take into account.

When choosing a foundation, be sure to test it. The shades should ideally be considered in natural light, to do this, apply a drop of cream to the skin and exit the store to the street.

For problem skin, you need to find a caring agent. The tonal cream should smooth the tone of the face and have a light texture. With a tendency to inflammation, the appearance of acne, black spots, it is important that the cream had matting properties. It is desirable that the composition of the product contain plant extracts.

A successful choice for combination skin will be "intelligent" foundation. These are novelties that adjust to the tone of the skin, masking imperfections. In this zone, prone to fat, the cream will eliminate unpleasant shine, and in dry areas – moisturize.

Oily skin needs to be used liquid in consistency tonalnikov. Such products contain a large amount of powder particles, which make the skin silky. It is recommended to apply them in a thin layer, the face cream will normalize the sebum secretion. For mature skin, it is also better to use liquid tonal remedies, they do not clog the wrinkles, making them more pronounced. Age cosmetics will be an excellent choice if the cream has a lifting effect.

Для нормальной кожи можно приобрести обычный дневной тональный крем. Оттенок косметического продукта должен максимально совпадать с цветом кожи, чтобы макияж смотрелся естественно. Это может быть крем-флюид с легкой консистенцией, который также стоит использовать в летние дни. Он может служить одновременно и основой под макияж.

With any type of skin, makeup artists advise buying two tonal remedies at once. This is a daytime version with a translucent texture that will make the complexion natural. And a dense evening cream, you need to apply it for going out into the light, photo shoots and other events, when you need to look your best.

To make your face look fresh, you should prefer tonal cream to a tone that is lighter than the color of your skin.

Testing the funds in the store, do smears are not on hand, as advisers often advise, but on the skin of the face. For example, on the chin or cheeks. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, you can first get a toner cream. If the result suits, you can already buy a whole bottle. Optimum, if it will be a cream with a dispenser in a vial of glass or plastic. Such a tool will be slower to deteriorate than a cream in a conventional tube. Plus, it will be used more economically and the method of application is more hygienic.

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