Rigid pile-ups: careful removal at home

Rigid pile-ups: careful removal at home
Hemorrhages – densification of the surface layer of the skin on the soles of the feet. They are formed in places of friction and where the maximum load is on the foot. With natoptyshami you can fight in the office of a specialist. But there are also domestic ways of eliminating them. The main reason for the appearance of natapsis can be considered high heels, which create a high load on the front of the foot. As a result, there are formations that cause pain and burning, which prevents normal walking. Remove such trouble can be using folk methods.

First of all, the baths will be useful. To prepare, you need to pour a pint of 2 water and add a tablespoon of soda, as well as a little grated soap. Unpack the legs for at least half an hour, and then remove the damaged skin with pumice.

Patients with diabetes are advised to consult a doctor when they appear on the skin.

Replace the soda in the recipe can and salt. You will need 2 tablespoons of this product. You can use both ordinary food salt, and sea, sold at the pharmacy.

Также для ванночек хорошо подходит кислое молоко, простокваша или сыворотка. Достаточно подогреть один из этих продуктов, и в нем попарить ноги. Затем на кожу нужно нанести смесь глицерина с касторовым маслом в равных долях.

При наличии в доме овсяной соломы можно приготовить ванночку из ее отвара. После распаривания к натоптышам нужно приложить живицу из хвои, заклеить ее лейкопластырем и оставить на ноге на ночь.

The easiest way to eliminate the burrs is to steam out the legs in saline solution and treat them with pumice stone.

In the fight against natoptyshami help and a variety of compresses.

Bulb can perfectly cope with the removal of corns. We need to clean it and cut it into small rings. Several rings should be applied to the nattoids and covered with food film. Wear warm socks and go to sleep. In the morning, the bulb needs to be removed. The skin, which had softened, was rubbed with pumice stone and sprinkled with talcum powder.

Olive oil and impregnated cotton socks will also become excellent assistants in the struggle for beauty. Clean feet wear these socks. From above, you need to wrap the film or bags so as not to stain everything around. In addition, so the oil will act faster due to a doubled effect. You can even put more socks on top of the film. Hold a minimum of an hour 3, preferably overnight, and then take off, wash your feet and rub them with pumice stone.

The leaves of a plant such as aloe vera will do good work if you apply their flesh to the affected skin. From above, you need to wrap polyethylene and wear woolen socks. Leave in such condition for a whole night. In the morning, treat the legs with pumice stone.

Do not give up such a tool as potatoes. One medium root should be peeled and rubed to the state of gruel. Put it on a piece of food film and attach it to the natropish. Cover the film and put on socks.

Также в беде пригодиться чистотел, пропущенный через мясорубку. Полученное средство накладывать на пленку, как и картофель, а затем заматывать этой пленкой ножки. Для согрева – носки, лучше из натуральной шерсти. Утром ноги обработать пемзой.

If you wear comfortable shoes and use special insoles, then the natrops will not appear, and you do not have to treat them.

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