Reviews about massage lpg

Reviews about massage lpg

Massage on the hips gave an effect

Did herself an LPG massage on the hips – from the inner and outer surfaces. Indeed, the procedure is painless, in time is the same as other anti-cellulite. The effect after ten procedures is obvious: minus one size, and I'm back in my favorite jeans. And that achievement in just 1 a month. On the reached I will not stop!

Эффект потрясающий


My friends on my birthday paid me a massage lpg, reviews I've heard only good before, but now I really saw what effect this procedure has. I girl not very elegant, but never suffered from complexes. After the massage I firmly decided grow thinbecause I saw myself completely different, much better. I believe that several procedures will completely change me.

Anti-cellulite LPG massage


LPG massage works well for cellulite, improves skin condition. After the procedure, the overall body feels pleasantly light. You need to massage in a special suit, so that there are no bruises left. The procedure is, in principle, painless, but very much depends on the person who does it. Massage should be done by the course, since from one or two procedures the effect will not be. And without respect for a sparing diet can not do, fitness or just gymnastics – beauty requires sacrifice. There are contraindications for this massage. LPG massage can be done on the face, but I have not tried it.

LPG in the abdomen


I made myself LPG – massage in the abdominal area and waist to reduce the volume. The session lasts a little more than 35 minutes, the sensations, I would even say, are pleasant. Well, at least unlike a vacuum massage. Has made 9 procedures from 18, the waist has decreased in volume on 4 sm, it is very happy. By the way, I combine the course of massage with proper nutrition – I excluded fatty foods.

Excellent result


I read a lot about LPG-massage, but the price was frightening, and I did not dare. Strongly engaged in sports, but nothing helped. And I made up my mind. I learned about the system of discounts, and signed up for 5 sessions. Sports did not throw, and after the 3 massage session the skin became smooth. After the 5 session, I decided on 5. The result is excellent. In combination with sports and diet LPG-massage is an excellent assistant in the fight against cellulite.

Massage lpg on the thighs


A friend advised to do massage lpg at the hips для уменьшения целлюлита. Процедура 2 раза в неделю в течении двух месяцев. Эффект очень нравится, сделала половину курса, результат: минус один размер, кожа на бедрах заметно ровнее. Цена массажа LPG гораздо выше аналогичных видов массажа, но результат того стоит. Продолжу курс до конца.

LPG Massage and Cellulite


I tried a new French massage with LPG, and I was very pleased. Did or made on area of ??buttocks and hips for reduction of a cellulitis. Rollers ride painlessly on the body. Earlier with caution did or made an anti-cellulitis hardware массаж, так как имею склонность к варикозу. А для LPG варикоз – не противопоказание. Сделала 10 сеансов – по два раза в неделю, еще столько же осталось. Результат становится уже виден – апельсиновая корка заметно меньше.

New massage for figure correction


Previously, for the correction of the fig tree, I did a vacuum massage, mainly on the inner thighs and riding breeches. Recently, on the advice of a friend I tried to make lpg-massage. The procedure is less painful than the vacuum, after which bruises often remained, although much more expensive. Do massage a little more than half an hour, I did not feel unpleasant sensations. Has grown thin for 10 procedures on 1 the size, I will not stop on reached!

Miracle Massage


lpg массаж, пожалуй, самый действенный способ борьбы с целлюлитом. Что я только не пробовала – обертывания, различные крема, массажи в domestic conditions, nothing helped me. And recently my friend advised me this massage. You will not believe it, but after 5 sessions the result was already visible. The skin became smooth. Naturally, the cellulitis has not completely disappeared, but the main thing is not to stop there.

Massage for the hips


Well, with a cellulitis, I think, not only I have problems. So, I decided a little thigh in order lead, and then in the summer everything was once gone. I signed up for an LMP massage. I go to him every year: it's simple and the action is noticeable. You lie, you lift your legs, as if you are charging, and you are driven by your special hips on your hips. If it hurts, you say it to the masseuse. It there reduces something and lie again – enjoy. I advise everyone!

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