Reviews about hair removal elos

Reviews about hair removal elos
Epilation Elos is a waste of money. In the salons they promise that the hair will disappear forever and will not grow any more. The procedure is very painful and does not cost small money. I had to go to several procedures Elos hair removal, after which the hair of course became less, but they still prodalzhayut grow. I think it's easier to get rid of hair at home. You have to spend a lot of time on it, but it is less painful and cheaper many times.

I liked


So tired of daily shaving, that I still decided on this advertised hair removal Elos. In general, I liked it, of course the procedure is painful, but for 6-7 weeks without shaving you can suffer. Has already passed 5 sessions. Epilation do in bikini zone. Планирую еще несколько, потом другую область. В салоне пообещали избавить меня от волос на год-два. Буду надеяться что это правда.

Smoothness with the mind


Previously, everything was like in advertising: "One leg I shaved an ordinary machine, another something else. " But the hair still grew at a terrible rate. Therefore, I went boldly to hair removal Elos. Pain and burns, which someone can be afraid of, I did not have. Everything passed quickly and almost painlessly. For several sessions of elos-hair removal, I solved the problems that troubled me from the transition age, from which I already started complexes! Now there are no black dots from the hairs, and they themselves do not. With each procedure, the number of bulbs became two times less until they were completely gone.

Мой опыт с ЭЛОС


For a long time I wanted to do hair removal in the armpits area, for a long time I did not dare. At last I came to the salon, and I was offered Elos as the safest kind of hair removal. The price was high, but the result now is waiting for the corresponding one. After 5 procedures, the hair became less in 5, they истончились. I look forward to the end of the course with impatience!

I do not recommend


Очень дорогостоящая и бесполезная процедура. Эпиляция элос – это deception и выманивание огромных денег. Мало того это достаточно больно, так еще и долго! И результата нет – всё выросло уже через 4 дня! Плюсом ко всему этому я заработала проблемы с кожей в областях, где делала эпиляцию, теперь не знаю как с этим бороться. Жалко денег и потраченного времени. Не ведитесь на рекламу.

Элос эпиляция


Elos hair removal is a painful procedure, requiring time, money and patience. During hair removal with the help of current remove unwanted hair forever. Electrical energy destroys the follicles. But I heard that many people still grow their hair, although they are slower and less. With each procedure, the hair becomes less and less. If someone does not have a strong irritation from the usual methods of hair removal in domestic conditions, то не стоит отдавать такое количество денег. Я бы обошлась без элос эпиляции.

Elos on tanned skin


When I decided to do hair removal ELOS on foot, at first very much was afraid, because the skin at me after holiday has very sunbathed, and though for ELOS it not a contraindication, but have told or said, that efficiency of procedure can considerably decrease. Given the high cost, for a long time doubted – suddenly have to do it much longer. But my fears were not justified, ELOS helped, tanned skin – not a hindrance. No burns, pigmentation, too. Very satisfied.

Сделала эпиляцию элос


In the salon they offered to try a new kind of epilation – Elos – on the bikini zone. The process resembles conventional photoepilation. Two weeks passed, the result, I think, does not differ from photoepilation. The procedure is much more expensive, and it needs to be done as often as others. Of course, after all the course, they promise that the hair will not grow at all. I doubt, so next time I will not do Elos.

Elos or not Elos, that's the question


Довольно спорным могу назвать способ избавления от волос – популярную элос эпиляцию. По описаниям – безвредно и эффективно, не пигментирует кожу, а на практике – крайне недёшево и эффект как от фотоэпиляции. Нужно проводить процедуру ELOS эпиляции не менее десяти раз, тогда луковицы ослабевают и волосы thin out, but since I have a very deeply absorbed pigment, my hair is still climbing. A shame, so much money for the sessions spent. So it seems to me that Elos is more suitable for light-colored girls.

review of epilation of Elos


Since the Elos epilation is quite expensive, I tried to make it for the time being over the upper lip. During the procedure, there is a tingling sensation. After her hair fell out in two weeks. She did three times with an interval of 8 weeks, recommended to do just 8 procedures for the complete destruction of the hair follicle. This type of hair removal I really liked, especially as they say about its greater safety in comparison with others. In the future, I plan to do hair removal in the bikini zone.

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