Reviews about drugs for acne

Reviews about drugs for acne

Cleansasil Lotion – active remedy for acne

This lotion advised me to buy a certificate in the store. I decided to buy it and try it. The same evening, taking off the make-up from my face, I applied to the skin. The consistency of a pleasant mass with a light aroma. Fat from the face takes away instantly, the skin is pleasant to the touch. Now, too, about once a week I use lotion Clearhair – the face skin is clean, there is no pimple at all. A convenient dispenser that does not allow bacteria to enter the bottle. And at a price very affordable lotion.

I am helped only by Zinerit


Of all the numerous means from acne Only Zenerit helps me. Not very much advertised, but effective. I was prescribed by a dermatologist, I still trust professionals. You mix the ingredients, apply them to the inflammatory foci, and the result is noticeable the next day – the redness disappears, the pain from the appearance of new acne goes away, and the new pimples disappear more quickly.

Basic rules for fighting acne, acne, acne and other evil spirits


In the world there is no universal means for fighting acne, each person's skin needs his own approach and can be found only with the help of a doctor or a trial and error method. But there are rules that will help everyone. Firstly, never press acne and generally try not to touch your face. Secondly, after washing your face, always use paper towels. Thirdly, change bed linen as often as possible. Fourth, before going to bed, always wipe your face with a 1% salicylic acid solution or a special lotion. Fifthly, regularly go to the cleaning of the face. If you comply with these rules, then in a week you will see the result.

Remedies for acne


I have acne very rarely, then-nothing, then the whole forehead, but thank God, only the forehead. Cosmetic brands from pimples do not help at all, they only regulate fat balance. The reason for the appearance of acne is a malfunction in the body. The most important thing is not to get carried away by means containing alcohol, and then the skin will lose its appearance! Personally, I get rid of pimples with aloe juice compresses, very well draws and heals …

On a date without acne


I have acne all the time climb. All kinds of grasses help a little. They can not press it, they'll get even more out of it. I ordered Avon's medication for acne. A friend is trading, said help. Cleansing gel for the face from black dots. I wash them twice a day. And an express agent to especially large pimples smear. Acne now has become much less.

Acne in 30 years


Acne is always unpleasant. But at the age of thirty and despite the fact that I'm a deputy director – it's just a nightmare! A little nervous, immediately get out. And not anywhere, but on my face! What I did not do with them. Yes, there were many failures. Has stopped on a camomile and an aloe. Cheap and easy to find. I brew chamomile flowers with boiling water, wait for 30 mines and apply a compress to my face. And with a leaf of an aloe I remove a skin and I paste by plaster on night on the biggest pimple. Well, I try not to be nervous)).

Sunburn is the best medicine


The best and proven remedy for acne is a tan. But here it is necessary to adhere to several rules.
-You can not sunbathe in the midday sun. It is necessary to wait when it will not be burning, but not at sunset.
– Do not sunbathe over 30 minutes.
– Must wash after sunbathing.
So at the beginning your pores open, you sweat the fat cells leave your skin, you wash it all off your skin and your skin is clean. after two weeks of such procedures from acne and traces will not remain, checked by me.

My remedy for acne


I bought all kinds of creams, gels, liquids. The effect of all is different. Most I like Curiozine gel. Very quickly removes inflammation and reduces the size of acne, imperceptible, because has the form of a transparent gel. Skinoren, of course, also nothing, the effect is almost the same, only it costs a little more expensive than Kuriyozin. I also liked Zinerit – for large foci of inflammation, during periods of exacerbations.

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