Reviews about Desheli

Reviews about Desheli

I will not trade this cosmetics for anything

I was 39 years old and my skin looked terrible until I got acquainted with Desheli cosmetics. I use Desheli only half a year, the effect is stunning. Now my skin receives a full-fledged care, and all the useful substances that it needs. I began to look years on 5 younger, signs of aging disappeared, I forgot what the problem skin of the face is. I'm young and beautiful again!

The second youth


Now I'm already at the age where you need and you can afford good cosmetics. Israeli cosmetics Desheli I was advised by a friend who just looked great for her age. Acquaintance with cheaperi began with an anti-aging nighttime herbal cream. Quickly he smoothed out fine wrinkles, so gradually I got myself a set of cosmetics for skin care. Now I have gels, masks, milk, which help me look just fine. Over time, deeper wrinkles also disappeared. I began to look years on 5 younger!

Cosmetics for you


Cheap is Israeli cosmetics rejuvenation. I enjoyed this cosmetics very much. The result really appears on the face. But much depends on consultant cosmetics Cheaperi, which should be professionally and easily explained how to use given cosmetics. I recommend trying cosmetics Cheaperi and you'll notice the effect in a short time. Cosmetics are really good, although there are negative reviews, you should try it yourself.

Очень хорошая косметика


A whole set of cosmetics Desheli I bought Gift for her mother, for her birthday. I heard a lot of good reviews about her, so I decided to please Mummy. The set of course cost me dear, but it's worth it, since my mother is delighted, and I see how she has changed. The skin of her face began to shine, became elastic, there were fewer wrinkles. Now I plan to buy cosmetics of this firm and for myself.

A new divorce for money


In my opinion, this new DeSheli cosmetics for Russia is just a new way of extracting money from gullible women ready for beauty's sake! To me representatives of this firm literally ontook to buy a suitcase of cosmetics for 30 000 rubles, promising a stunning rejuvenating effect. I can say with confidence that the funds are not much better than the already existing analogues like Dr. Nonna, Mary Kay or Vichy. But the cet is just knocked down! I do not recommend buying this cosmetics, I get the same effect from other manufacturers of cosmetics.

Not for children game


Acquired a set of tools DeSheli for skin rejuvenation 35 + a year ago. I use it every day, the result initially surpassed all my expectations! As if the time for my face has stopped! Wrinkles, especially mimic, are noticeably smaller. And new ones do not appear, the complexion is fresh, but the mood from reflection in the mirror rises! Minerals of the dead sea do just miracles!

DeSheli for face skin – my experience


After reading a lot of reviews that DeSheli scam, all the same decided to persuade her friend to do a trial procedure for the person. The system itself is reminiscent of the five-step system of merikey. The result was visible after the first time, the skin was noticeably smoothed, facial wrinkles in the corners of the lips decreased. I plan to buy the whole set soon.

Отзыв об израильской косметике


Пробовала пользоваться косметикой DeSheli с минералами Мертвого моря из так называемого белого чемоданчика – очищающий лосьон, потом нанесла маску грязевую, потом тоник и крем в окончании. Результат потрясающий! ни на какую теперь не поменяю! Хотя удовольствие не из дешевых – не один десяток тысяч рубликов. Но зато надолго хватит и эффект ошеломительный.

Ordinary cosmetics


I see no reason to overpay money for cosmetics, which is no different from the cheapest. Nothing bad about Desheli I can not say, just as well as nothing good. Ordinary cosmetics, I did not notice any special effect. I expected more for such money, the price is obviously too high! Very upset. Now I will use only folk recipes, proven for centuries!

Really high-quality cosmetics


Finally my quest was crowned with success – I found really good make-up. Quality at altitude! Cosmetics DeSheli just won my heart. The firm produces products for both women and Men, for any age categories. Me and my mom are happy! My mother is young, I'm freshened! Prices are not low, but it's worth it! You do not need to save on your beauty!

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