Review of essential oils

Review of essential oils
Essential oil is a concentrated, volatile mixture of fragrant substances, obtained from plant materials by pressing, extraction, distillation. Since ancient times, women have used them to maintain their beauty, and in our time, oils are very popular.

orange oil

Perhaps, one of the most popular oils, is an excellent antiseptic. When used in aromalamp, it helps to overcome depression, soothes, improves mood. When added to the bath (7-10 drops), oil is an excellent assistant in the fight against cellulite and fat deposits. But it is worth considering that orange oil is not recommended for people with citrus allergy. If you use a dose of oil in water, you can get burns or irritation on the skin.

Butter of lemon

Like most citrus aroma oils, lemon is effective for excess weight and obesity, contributes to the removal of toxins and toxins. Has antimicrobial, antibacterial and wound-healing effect. The strongest of oils in vascular disorders, an excellent tool for the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation. Rinse with lemon oil helps to defeat the sore throat. Allergy is the only contraindication to the use of lemon oil.

Grapefruit oil

Grapefruit oil – the strongest antidepressant, helps in the fight against stress and depressed state, increases mental activity, relieves morning drowsiness. Like all citrus oils used in the fight against obesity and cellulite. It is often used to reduce the fatness of the scalp. With regular use, it narrows the pores and whitens the skin. Extremely allergic, when applied to the skin in its pure form, can cause burns.

Sandalwood oil

Unobtrusive aroma of sandalwood oil stimulates creativity, helps to cope with spontaneity and impulsiveness, calms and relaxes. It is widely used in the treatment of respiratory and genitourinary systems, and also slightly reduces the pressure in hypertension. The oil of sandal is hypoallergenic. Ideal for thin, dry skin, with regular use eliminates fine wrinkles.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang-ylang oil relieves stress, anxiety, nervousness, fears, helps to cope with stress and difficult life situations, helps to eliminate insomnia and obsessive thoughts, irritability and anger. Also, ylang-ylang oil lowers blood pressure, weakens the headache, cuts off spasms, reduces convulsive activity. Thanks to its nutritional and antiseptic properties, ylang-ylang oil has a beneficial effect on the skin. Exceeding the dose of oil can cause a headache.

Coniferous oils (spruce, cedar, fir, pine)

Oils obtained from coniferous trees have an almost identical effect when exposed to the human body. They help to increase immunity, help to recover after prolonged catarrhal and viral diseases, are an excellent preventative against upper respiratory tract diseases. Baths with pine oils relax, improve sleep, increase stress resistance. Also, oils help to cope with small scratches, bruises, bruises. But these oils are not recommended for pregnant women and people prone to allergic skin rashes.

Tea tree oil

This oil belongs to the most commonly used essential oils. It has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal action, is the strongest natural immunostimulant. It is often used in aroma lamps in children's rooms with influenza epidemics and various viral diseases. Tea tree oil is used as an antiseptic in case of bruises, cuts and even burns. For cosmetic purposes it is used to eliminate problems with skin, dandruff, psoriasis. Dosage of oil should be strictly observed, otherwise dizziness, nausea, indigestion may occur.

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