Restoring, firming coffee mask for hair

Restoring, firming coffee mask for hair
Even killed by a hair dryer, ironing, dyeing hair can be restored and saved. Also this mask strengthens hair, promotes growth, helps to cope with hair loss.

You will need
  • – мёд(2 ст.л.)
  • – куриные яйца(2 штуки.)
  • – not fried coffee beans (2 tbsp)
  • – коньяк(2 ст.л.)
Кофе перемолите в кофемолке. Нужно чтобы получилась практически пыль.

Dilute honey with warm water if it crystallizes. Eggs without separating from proteins, mix with cognac. Then add honey and coffee

Massage the scalp, for 2-3 minutes.

Apply the mask from the roots, along the parting. Then apply on the length. Wear a package on your head, warm it with a towel.

On the head mask should be kept 2 hours. This is enough for all useful substances to be absorbed into the scalp.

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