Restoration of clarified hair

Restoration of clarified hair
Women tend to change their appearance, play with style, with hair color. It's very easy to become a blonde from a brunette, if you do not really think about the health of your hair. But after clarifying the procedures, which do not spare the hair, it is very difficult to restore their former gloss and health. We do not always realize the consequences of such actions. What can be done when our hair has lost its color, and with it the natural strength?

Restore the process by cutting off the ends of the bleached hair. How long it takes to cut off depends on how much the hair has suffered during the clarification procedure.

If the hair breaks and stretches, then they no longer help. In this case, it is necessary to gradually cut them.

The structure of the discolored hair is such that inside they are empty. Such they become because during decolorization from them the natural pigment is washed away.

Use a mild shampoo for clarified hair. After that, your hair will shine and it will be easier to comb.

After each wash, apply the hair conditioner. Use an indelible cream for dry tips. It will help that open scales of dry hair will be smooth.

While you are intensively restoring your hair, try to abandon the use of funds for styling. Also hair is very harmed by hair dryer, ironing and curling. As little as possible, resort to their help. Allow hair to gain strength.

For hair health it is important what material your hairbrush is made from. Choose those that are made of natural materials. A wooden comb that will not damage the hair is perfect.

Never comb your hair until it is dry. During this procedure, the hair extends and becomes brittle.

Well-lightened hair is helped by rinsing with decoctions of herbs such as St. John's wort, mint, chamomile. Also, your rills will be given strength by rinsing with milk or beer.

To help hair, so to speak, from the inside, take vitamins A, E and B.

Hair damaged by discoloration, need additional nutrition. In order to restore your hair, use oil wraps. For this, almond, peach, apricot and burdock oil will perfectly suit.

Apply warm oil to your hair and wrap your head with a towel. After two hours, wash with your usual shampoo.

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