Remove the extensions at home

Remove the extensions at home
Women resort to various ways to improve their appearance. Eyelash lately is very popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Of course, it is possible to emphasize the eyes and give a special depth to the view in this way, but it is very difficult to walk with accrued cilia for a long time. First, there may be an allergy, and secondly, the upper eyelid becomes heavier. Remove the increased eyelashes can be at home.

Приобретите жидкость для снятия наращенных ресниц “Дебондер”. Внимательно изучите инструкцию и только после этого приступайте непосредственно к процедуре. Следите, чтобы жидкость не попала на слизистую оболочку. Если это произошло, то тщательно промойте глаза под прохладной водой. “Дебондер” относится к полупрофессиональным средствам.

If you did not find it in the shops of your city, then try removing the eyelashes with fat cream or butter. Diligently moisten the cotton pad and attach it to the eyelashes for 30 minutes. Try to separate the overhead part with tweezers. If you experience pain, then apply the oil again on your eyelashes and leave it overnight. In the morning, repeat the procedure.

Remove eyelashes in domestic conditions It does not always work. Therefore, it is better to apply to a beauty salon, especially since such a service will cost you a small amount. After removing the eyelashes, restore their own, putting on them before going to bed a small amount of castor oil.

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