Removal of pigment spots by folk methods

Removal of pigment spots by folk methods
Pigmented spots can be observed in people of different ages. In the event that they have just begun to manifest themselves, you can get by with folk methods of pigmentation. However, this should be done only when the cause of the problem is known.

Causes of the appearance of age spots

Most often, pigmentation spots appear in women during pregnancy. However, they can be associated with diseases of the liver, adrenal glands, ovaries and other organs. In addition, pigmented spots can be observed in severe chronic diseases.

There are cases when this problem is not accompanied by health problems. The reasons can hide in the continued use of toilet soap, cologne and other cosmetic products that irritate the skin. Pigmentation on the skin can be observed in connection with the effects of gasoline, mineral oils, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun.

Getting rid of age spots with folk remedies

A great tool in the fight against age spots is the juice of parsley. Squeezed from the green, it is applied to specks. Alternatively, the juice can be mixed with honey, milk or lemon in the ratio 1: 1.

The desired effect is provided by cucumber juice. After rubbing one cucumber on the grater, the gruel should be applied to the gauze mask and put on the face for about 20 minutes. This procedure should be carried out daily. In addition, it is useful during the day to wipe clean skin with a cucumber skin or a piece of cucumber.

An excellent folk remedy for age spots is lemon. It has a whitening effect. First, the skin can be wiped cooked in Home conditions tonic. It is prepared from 1 a tablespoon of lemon juice on the floor of a glass of distilled water. In addition, you can make a mask, smearing his face with a fat cream, and on top, putting the circles of lemon on 20 minutes.

To whitening agents concerns and curdled milk. Regular lotions from this product make the skin whiter, which makes pigmentation less noticeable.

A good effect with problem skin is provided by masks from berries (currants, strawberries, strawberries). The skin can be wiped with pieces of berries, and you can crush them and apply to your face as a mask.

Help with pigmentation mask with onion juice. The mixture is prepared from onion juice and liquid honey in case of dry skin or 6% table vinegar when greasy. Mixing proportions – 1: 1.

You can try to get rid of pigment spots with the help of a horseradish mask. To make it, grate and mix it with a crushed green apple (1: 1).

The carrot mask helps to get rid of pigmentation. It is prepared from grated carrots (a tablespoon) mixed with yolk and cream (a tablespoon).

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