Removal of inflammation from acne

Removal of inflammation from acne
Sometimes the skin throws up an unpleasant surprise: before a social event in the most prominent place a pimple or a pimple is formed, which is not always possible to hide. Meanwhile, there are simple tools that effectively remove inflammation and help in a difficult situation. Of course, the best treatment for the disease is its prevention. This fully applies to acne, the solution of which is not cosmetic, but medicamental. To prevent the formation of acne, periodic cleaning procedures should be performed to avoid clogging the pores and the subsequent inflammation.

Для очищения кожи хорошо подходят специальные средства, такие как гели для умывания и специальные скрабы. Их нужно применять не только систематически, но и своевременно. Утреннее умывание является обязательным, но если акне образуются слишком обильно, потребуется также умываться несколько раз в течение дня. Такие процедуры помогают не только предотвратить образование угрей, но и снять воспаление с уже существующих.

Because of individual intolerance of some components of cosmetics, many refuse to use common skin care products, preferring them to folk methods.

To cleanse the skin, you can use home-made scrubs. A good example is a mixture of flour from different cereals, diluted in warm milk until a medium-thick paste is formed. This scrub is applied to 3-5 minutes after washing: it removes inflammation, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, compensates for the negative impact of soap and other products containing sodium lauryl sulfate or other surfactants on it. For cleansing, you can use not only scrubs, but also facials. The main ingredient of such masks is white clay. Fat and combination skin before applying the mask should be steamed, holding your face over the steaming broth of sea buckthorn, calendula or celandine, covering with a towel. In the clay, you can also add glycerin, alcohol custard celandine or mush from the leaves of aloe. Such simple remedies help get rid of acne for 5-6 hours.

If, as they say, the problem caught unawares and there is very little time left before the holiday, you can resort to emergency funds. The main method of removing redness from acne is ice or a frozen strong broth of camomile flowers and oak bark. Quickly remove the inflammation will also help the gruel, prepared from pounded tablets of aspirin and streptocide, diluted with a few drops of water. Cover it with a problem place on 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water and process the skin area with a night cream for the face.

It is impossible in any case to try to disguise the inflamed acne with the help of makeup. Such actions will not only not save the situation, but can lead to serious complications.

If you can visit a pharmacy kiosk, you can buy one of the non-standard means in the fight against inflammation of acne. For example – drops for the nose or for the eyes with vasoconstrictive effect. They will eliminate redness in a few minutes, but you may need to reapply and constantly monitor the skin for re-inflammation. Naturally, emergency drugs should not be used on an ongoing basis, it is much more useful to more often monitor the condition of the skin and ensure proper care for it.

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