Removal of eyebrow tattoo at home

Removal of eyebrow tattoo at home
Sometimes girls need to remove eyebrow tattoo. There are many reasons for making such a decision: the inaccurate or unsuccessful work of the master, the discrepancy between the expected effect and the result obtained, a too-changed face. To get rid of poorly performed tattoo, it is not necessary to go for help to another master, because you can carry out the procedure for removal and yourself at home. To remove permanent make-up of eyebrows at home, you can use several methods. The first method is to use conventional iodine. You need to go to the pharmacy and buy an 5-percentage iodine solution. It is with this indicated concentration that there must be a solution, if the percentage is greater, iodine can cause a chemical burn.

The next step – carefully using a cotton bud to apply a solution on the tattoo, to conduct a similar procedure should be three times a day. It is worth noting that a large amount of iodine solution is not required, it will be enough to carry out several times a wadding base throughout the contour of the picture.

After the tattoo has been treated with an iodine solution, in no case can it be covered with a gauze dressing or a medical plaster.

Soon it will be noticeable that the skin on the treated areas is peeling off, such a manifestation can be considered as evidence that the process of dying off the upper layer has already begun, ie, the tattoo has already started to go off with the skin.

Specialists do not recommend the use of a method of accelerating this process by ripping the flaking skin. At first, это больно, and secondly, such a "non-human" method the girl is unlikely to bring the desired result closer, but only complicate the task.

If within thirty days the tattoo sections are treated daily with a solution of iodine, the image will gradually come off, and the skin will not be damaged in any way. The period from 2 to 4-x weeks is in most cases the average. The speed of obtaining the desired result depends on how deep the tattoo was applied, and how the master applied it.

Of course, the fastest and, therefore, the most common solution is the use of hydrogen peroxide. However, it is important to note that this is a risky step, since such a cosmetic procedure should be carried out as carefully and carefully as possible. Of course, if you decide to remove the tattoo by lightening, then in order to avoid unexpected consequences it is better to seek advice from a specialist or to someone who has already performed this procedure on their own.

For whitening eyebrow tattoo you will need:

– hydrogen peroxide;
– a glass of warm water;
– Cleansing shampoo.

Когда у вас все это под рукой, можете приступить непосредственно к процедуре. Для начала необходимо удалить нанесенную косметику и макияж с бровей, можно использовать очищающее молочко или другое средство.

To prepare a product for clarification, you need to add a little peroxide in a glass with no hot water, then mix thoroughly. When eyebrows dry, you must immediately apply the prepared agent on the eyebrow contour with a special brush. It is advisable to keep the product for ten or even fifteen minutes, after which it should be rinsed thoroughly.

It is not recommended to take a solution of hydrogen peroxide with a high percentage, otherwise you can get a burn.

Finally, there is another way to get rid of eyebrow tattoo. Here to help women of fashion come special creams, designed for bleaching. Such means are sold in specialized salons, their use does not require any skill. If you use whitening products daily, the result becomes visible much faster. These creams should be applied to the areas of tattoo and to stand for at least two minutes.

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