Red lips – bright accent

Red lips - bright accent
Not every woman has red lipstick in her cosmetic bag. And why? Many believe that this is vulgar, obscene, causes excessive attention from men, and even women. In vain. Red lipstick will only emphasize the dignity of your face and make you special if the makeup with red lipstick is done correctly. You can "put on" red lipstick at a business dinner, to celebrate your victory, where you will be honored.
It is better to use red lipstick in evening makeup than in daytime.

You will need
  • – Foundation;
  • – powder;
  • – Shadows;
  • – Ink;
  • – Wiring;
  • – blush;
  • – lip pencil;
  • – Red lipstick.
The tone of the face should be perfectly aligned, it is very important. Under the eyes, apply concealer, then the red color of the lipstick will look refined. Blush should be a little on the cheekbones, do not overdo it. Choose a color that is consonant with a shade of lipstick.

On the eyes it is better not to make a strong accent, enough marksman and painted eyelashes. If you decide to add shadows, then golden and beige (neutral shades). You can make bright eyes, but only if you are good at making eye makeup. You have to be sure that your face will withstand so many accents and you will not look vulgar.

Губы припудрите. Затем очень аккуратно подведите карандашом. Лучше использовать бесцветный или красный. Контур должен быть идеальным,потому что смотреть будут только на ваши губы. Затем нанесите помаду, лучше делать это кисточкой, – получится более аккуратно и красиво.

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