Recommendations for the preservation of skin elasticity

Recommendations for the preservation of skin elasticity
The elasticity of the skin depends on many factors. It is impossible to avoid age-related fading of the skin, but it is possible to improve its condition, give it a well-groomed look and beauty, thanks to an integrated approach to this issue.

The elasticity of the skin must first be raised from the inside. Promote this exercise, which improve blood circulation and lead the muscles into tonus, which is especially useful for flabby skin.Respiratory gymnastics will help saturate cells with oxygen, which will affect the elasticity and color of the skin.


It is not necessary to be constantly in the gym. There are special sets of gymnastic exercises that combine physical activity and breathing exercises, while they take from fifteen to thirty minutes a day.


It is necessary to include in the daily diet a large number of fruits and vegetables. Also, the use of garlic and eggs improves the elasticity of the skin, thanks to the content of selenium.


Перед выходом на улицу нужно использовать крем с солнцезащитными свойствами, он защитит кожу от агрессивного воздействия окружающей среды, сохранив ее эластичность и здоровье. Перед сном, необходимо очищать поверхность кожи при помощи специальных средств, чтобы не допустить воздействия токсических веществ, оседающих на ее поверхности в течение дня.


It is very useful to conduct skin massage sessions that increase blood microcirculation and improve its condition. To entrust carrying out of this procedure is better to the expert, as incorrectly spent massage can lead to a stretching of a skin.


The elasticity of the skin of the stomach and breast can be increased with the help of a hydromassage and a contrast shower. These procedures can be carried out in domestic conditions, directing a stream of water in circular motions on problem areas of the body.


Огромную роль в сохранении упругости и эластичности кожи играет регулярный и правильно подобранный уход. Для этого нужно использовать специально разработанные косметические препараты. Выбирать следует качественные и подходящие по типу кожи средства.


Along with them, it is recommended to use folk methods that are effective for maintaining elasticity and giving a healthy color to the skin. They can be various oils: pink, flaxseed, almond, castor, sea-buckthorn and olive, which are added to various masks, used for massage or make-up.

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