Quick Makeup

Quick Makeup
To quickly put yourself in order, master the techniques of rapid make-up. These skills are not replaceable when you are in a hurry to work or a date. Only a quarter of an hour – and full make-up is ready. The main thing – to choose the right makeup and follow the sequence of its application.

Step one is moisturizing the skin. This rule should not be neglected, otherwise the make-up will lie unevenly and will not last long. Quickly prepare and moisturize face soft lotion without alcohol. Apply circular motions to his face with a cotton disc.

The next stage is the basis. For a quick make-up, a moisturizing cream with a light тональным эффектом. He instantly gives the person a healthy and rested look. Owners of oily skin can choose matting cream. But be careful – the skin is easy to dry.

Toned cream can be ignored – in a hurry to apply it is almost impossible. To camouflage small pimples, bursting capillaries or dark circles under the eyes, use a corrector. Choose a medium density corrector that matches the skin tone. And do not aspire to the effect of a photoshop – the face-mask looks unnatural.

Fix the result with friable powder using a large soft brush. Do not skip this paragraph. It is the powder that gives make-up a finished look, and the face – grooming.

On the "apples" cheeks with the same fluffy brush, apply a blush of pink, coral or beige-lilac tone. For more natural make-up, blush can be replaced with powdered tan. The purpose of blush is to "structure" and refresh your face.

An important point of rapid make-up – the formulation of eyebrows. Brush them with a brush (you can use a brush from the carcass) and apply a colorless gel or wax. Straight eyebrows instantly give make-up a complete look. If you are unhappy with the color of the eyebrows or if they grow unevenly, you can lightly tint them with shadows – those that are designed specifically for the eyebrows or the usual shadows for the eyes of a soft gray or brown hue.

For the express make-up of the eyes, there are enough soft cream shadows and mascara. Painting landscapes on the eyelids is better in the evening, and in the morning it is enough to apply a neutral tone to the mobile eyelid – light gray, beige-brown, marsh-green or muted-lilac – depending on the color of the eyes, the costume and the general idea of ??the chosen image. Thoroughly shade the shade with a brush.

On the eyelashes, apply one or two layers of carcass, acting as neatly as possible, – "spider paws" and lumps you obviously will not decorate. Remember – ink of a coal-black shade to the face of only burning brunettes. Girls with a more gentle appearance is better to choose a dark brown, dark blue or plum color.

And, finally, make-up of the lips. The best option is a non-sticky shine or neutral-tone lipstick. You can do without contour pencils – the lipstick is applied in a thin layer, directly from the tube or with a brush. Not a bad idea for a morning make-up – a gloss pencil or liquid lipstick. Dramatic dark shades leave for the evening – in a hurry to accurately apply a dark cherry or blood-red tone under the force only professional.

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