Quality criteria for a hair dryer

Quality criteria for a hair dryer
A hair brush is a device not only for drying hair, but also for combing and creating beautiful styling. However, unfortunately, many of these goods actually can not cope with their functions properly. One of the most important indicators of the high quality of a hair dryer-brush is the conformity of the declared characteristics of reality. In particular, many manufacturers claim that their device can quickly switch to cold air, but in fact, the air flow is moderately warm. The difference is great: if this function is not only stated in the characteristics, but is actually present, you will be able to quickly and easily lay your hair due to a sharp temperature drop.

It is advisable to check the device in the store or read customer reviews to make sure that the manufacturer's specifications for the hair dryer are not an ordinary marketing move.

Quality hair dryers-brushes are absolutely thermo-safe. Since they are designed not only for drying, but also for styling, it is natural that the nozzles have to be kept very close to the head, and from time to time, fingers can not be touched by the brush elements. Really quality hair dryer does not heat the air to a dangerous temperature. In addition, its nozzles are supplemented with special tips that remain cold or warm throughout the entire period of use of the device. If the nozzles overheat, the air turns out to be too hot, and even more so if during the drying and laying the air flow falls on your hands, complicating the process of using the device, you are dealing with a poor-quality hair dryer.

An important criterion for the quality of a hair dryer-brush is the reliability of the design. The cheaper the model, the higher the risk that it will quickly fail. For example, a normal cord without a hinge will often twist, substandard fragile nozzles will quickly crack. The more accurate and better the design is, the better.

In some cheap models, the halves of the case are not perfectly fitted, and this causes inconvenience when using the device and shortens its useful life. Pay attention to such details.

Очень важно уточнить, из какого материала сделана щетка-насадка. Полностью пластиковые элементы в данном случае будут неуместны, даже если речь идет о пластике высокого качества. Керамика гораздо равномернее распределяет тепло, мягче воздействует на волосы, способствует более быстрой укладке волос.

An important quality criterion is the presence of the brush reverse function, i. E. the ability to twist the nozzle in different directions. Professional models are usually supplemented by this function by default. If it is not there, it will be very difficult for the owners of long strands to release the hair entangled in the brush, which will have a bad effect on the laying quality and, of course, considerably slow down the process itself.

Finally, it is worth paying attention to the convenience of switching the air temperature and blowing speed. If, during the laying process, you often have to remove the hair dryer from your head, in order to find the slider and switch the mode with your free hand, then the problem is the lack of design of the hairdryer.

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