Pros and cons of hair extensions

Pros and cons of hair extensions
Increased density and length of their own hair. But they need to be properly tended, protected from salt water and hot air. And you need to be ready to go to correction regularly.

The procedure of hair extensions is still relatively "young", but it has already won an incredible popularity among women. And beauty salons are addressed both by girls and ladies of Balzac's age. Not every woman has the patience to grow long hair, and by building you can become a happy owner of a luxurious mane of any length in a few hours. But this procedure has its pluses and minuses.

Of course, the most important plus is the speed with which you can get chic long hair. That is, there is now no need to raise them for years. Sometimes this procedure can be the only way out of the situation associated with the unsuccessful experiment of a hairdresser. To the procedure of building up, those who have noticeable scars, burns and other injuries resort to the procedure. Owners of liquid rare hair can also get out of the situation by increasing them.

Zonal building provides an opportunity to increase hair in any zone, whether it's bangs or any other place. At the request of the client, they will make her hair with strands of feathers, rhinestones, artificial braids of a variety of shades, etc. But this procedure has many shortcomings. First, it is contraindicated for people with vegetovascular dystonia and cancer. Hair can not be grown by those who take antibiotics and hormonal drugs, and also suffers from alopecia and alopecia.

Having increased hair, the woman should regularly appear on their correction, and it is additional expenses. In addition, she will now have to abandon the trip to the sea, as well as visits to bathhouses, saunas, etc. All this may not have the best effect on the condition of the hair. You can sleep only with braided hair. No matter how a woman grows her curls, she will have to put up with the many inconveniences of wearing them and lose her, her own hair.

The build-up with metal clamps and "Hollywood" build-up lead to the fact that foreign parts are felt in the occipital part of the head. They will create a permanent inconvenience, and metal clips can cause the appearance of itching and dandruff. The tapeless method is one of the safest and most sparing, but also one of the most inefficient, since hair extensions it is easy to lose with improper care. In addition, in this case, you can not tint the roots of hair and wear a "horse tail" hairstyle.

Sewed to their own hair with a needle and thread, the horizontal braids look rather artisanal, but it's safe for native hair. It's about building on trenches. But the hot and cold ways of building safe can not be called. They severely damage the structure of the hair, making them more fragile and weaker. However, much depends on the skills of the master. The more professional the procedure will be performed, the more a woman will not have chances to face all sorts of problems of wearing foreign hair. But even the most sparing way can lead to unfortunate consequences if a non-professional takes over.

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