Pro Faber – a new approach to hair restoration

Pro Faber - a new approach to hair restoration
The rhythm of our life is so unstable that it is not always possible to take care of yourself daily. The lack of rational nutrition, ignoring the intake of vitamins, the temperature effect of the means for styling lead to the fact that the hair loses its shine and elasticity. With every day the styling makes it more difficult because of naughty and brittle hair.

Faced with such problems, it is necessary to carry out a complex restoration of the structure of the hair. To this end, Loreal has for a long time conducted research and development on the basis of its research laboratories. Innovative technologies and a scientific approach to solving the problem of the destruction of the hair structure led to the creation of a revolutionary model of the Aptyl 100 molecule. It is part of the larger part of the Pro Faber hair restoration line.

Pro Faber is a complex of means for complete cessation of fracture at the current stage of the hair structure with the function of subsequent recovery.

The procedure for using funds occurs in three stages:

1. Protection of hair.

At the first stage, it is necessary to diagnose in the hairdressing salon. The specialist will conduct a full complex of purification and recovery. To do this, apply: shampoo, mask for recovery, as well as indelible Pro Faber. After such a procedure, the hair is safely protected, but this is only the beginning of the recovery process.

2. Recovery phase.

For the further action of the Aptyl 100 molecule, it is necessary in domestic conditions Use Pro Faber shampoo, chosen depending on the degree of destruction of the hair structure. Specialist hairdressing salon will help determine the category of shampoo. The use of funds at home occurs in four cycles.

3. Fixing the result.

After using the Pro Faber home care line four times, it is necessary to activate the action of the Aptyl 100 molecule by applying RE-CHARGE serum. After such a procedure, the process of self-renewing the structure of the hair will start.

Brilliant and healthy hair is the result of the full complex of hair restoration products Pro Faber.

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