Principles and methods for eliminating circles under the eyes

Principles and methods for eliminating circles under the eyes
Dark circles under the eyes are not always a sign of various diseases. Most often they become noticeable in the banal overwork of the body.

Irregular nutrition and poor sleep contribute to a more pronounced expression of dark circles under the eyes. Correcting these violations in the daily routine, you can significantly reduce their size.

The formation of dark circles is due to the presence of a layer of fatty cellulose under the skin. The thickness of the layer is different, for example, under the skin of the upper eyelids there is none at all, and in the lower eyelid it is present, although thin. This layer is visible if the skin of a person is tender and thin.

Proper make-up will help to hide this flaw. Beforehand, wash your face and gently rub it with a moisturizing lotion. Then the first layer of foundation is applied to the skin of the lower eyelids. After 5 minutes, a second layer is applied, similar to the natural complexion.

Bags under the eyes – the problem is more serious and is often associated with diseases. Among them, kidney, heart, metabolic disorders, nervous system or just an allergic reaction. Sometimes bags under the eyes appear in some people with the onset of old age.

Cope with this deficiency can be, referring to a qualified medical doctor-cosmetologist. After the course of professional massage the skin of the eyelids will become lost elasticity and elasticity, which makes bags under the eyes much less noticeable. Do not massage yourself, this can exacerbate the situation.

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