Preparing for graduation: 7 steps to perfect skin

Preparing for graduation: 7 steps to perfect skin
Many graduates prefer to trust their face with the hand of a professional visagist. However, the make-up artist is far from being a magician, and it is unlikely that he will be able to hide serious skin problems behind a thick layer of makeup. Take on board only seven simple tips, and a dazzling look at the graduation is assured.

For a couple of weeks before the graduation point, give up fatty, sweet, smoked foods and other products that are full of preservatives and dyes. Excessive use of such food will inevitably affect the condition of the skin. To avoid the appearance of pimples before the graduation, you should at least temporarily revise the diet.

Последний поход в солярий стоит совершить максимум за три дня до праздника. Все потому, что лучи ультрафиолета провоцируют обезвоживание кожи. В результате она предательски стянется, и на ней станут заметны морщинки вокруг рта и глаз. Подобное может произойти даже с обладательницами очень жирной кожи.

Exfoliation is the guarantee of a smooth and radiant skin. Spend a scrub or peel five days before graduation. Perfect make-up is unthinkable without smooth skin.

Накануне выпускного вечера не следует использовать маски из глины и иные косметические средства, обладающие подсушивающими свойствами. После их применения вашей коже понадобится время на восстановление вместо того, чтобы отдыхать.

If the "law of meanness" has worked and you have a pimple jumped out on your face for a couple of days, do not hurry to squeeze it out! Just burn it, moistening cotton wool tincture of calendula and attaching it to the problem site. Extrusion of even a small pimple can provoke a strong inflammation, which sometimes is difficult to mask by tonal means.

The last evening before the graduation is to make a moisturizing mask. It will not be superfluous to owners of all skin types. In the morning your skin will literally shine!

Night sleep is the time of active cell renewal and recovery of the body. This is the most accessible and universal "elixir of youth". It's a sin not to use it on the eve of such an important event in your life. Therefore, try to go to bed before going to bed early. The best option is up to 22 hours.

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