Popular makeup technique – contrying

Popular makeup technique - contrying
Popular makeup technology came to us from the theatrical stage of the late Middle Ages. The actors of the famous Globus Theater used this technique so that the viewers of the gallery could see the facial expressions of the Shakespearean characters. They covered the face with chalk, and the shades were sooty.

It's hard to believe, but this technique lasted until the 19 century, when the first electric lamps were lit. In bright light, the face, smeared with chalk and soot, became like a death mask, and the actors began using sculptural make-up.

Max Factor, who worked as a makeup assistant at the Bolshoi Theater, developed for Hollywood the "calibrator of beauty." The technique of "punkake" was so popular with actresses that they began to use it not only on the set. Refined this technology of makeup Ben Nye, no less well-known make-up artist, whose work we remember on the film "Gone with the Wind." It was he who gave us the make-up of "New". Scarlett O'Hara performed by Vivien Leigh became an icon of style, until she was replaced by glamor 50-ies. Then the play of light-shade was perfected.

Revolutionary 90-e opened the way for contouring from large screens to the real world. However, only the stars could appreciate this technique, and ordinary mortals admired their beauty outside the red carpet. And only in 2010 year Kim Kardashian opened us a simple secret of beauty in her instagrama. Social networks have finally erased the boundaries of opportunities and its followers with a dash rushed to apply perfect makeup on imperfect cheekbones.

Today there are several lines of contouring. With the help of henna or autosunburn, you create a tutoring. Long-lasting make-up, which allows not to spend a lot of time in front of a mirror every day. Clown contouring prevailed on the catwalks. Models representing the brand Hood by Air, with not shabby contouring, at first seemed ridiculous to the public, but now everyone unanimously insists that this is a style.

In the end, fashion is just a breath of fresh breeze. What seemed beautiful yesterday, tomorrow may be ridiculous and vice versa.

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