Popular and stylish hairstyles with a fleece on long hair

Popular and stylish hairstyles with a fleece on long hair
Naches is one of the simple and effective hairstyles for long hair. Despite the fact that many of the fair sex do not like naches, referring to their unnaturalness, but the right technique and infrequent use will sometimes change their style without harm to the hair. Most girls are worried about the problem that a spectacular and high fleece begins to fall over time and does not last long. On short and medium hair, it's certainly easier to make nails, and it will last longer. With the latter will have to tinker for a little longer. But the main reason is not the length of the hair, but the inability to do it right.

Before naches thoroughly wash your hair. Before you start creating a hairstyle, let your hair dry with a hair dryer or in a natural way.

For high napes, choose a comb with thin and blunt teeth. If you need it only to fix the base of your hair, then take a comb with close and sharp teeth. To give the hair a splendor, use a comb with wide, long teeth. A comb with a thin and long handle is an excellent option, since it will be easier to divide the hair into layers with it.

So, after you have dried your hair, comb it well. Then separate the top layer thickness of 2-2,5 cm. This layer is not necessary to be combed, it will cover the fleece and give the laying a natural look.

Далее берите каждую отделенную прядь по отдельности и начинайте ее начесывать, направляя расческу снизу-вверх, от кончиков к корням. Двигайтесь очень плавно и аккуратно. Если вы будете делать резкие движения, вы не только испортите прическу, но и достаточно навредите своим волосам.

When you mention how to properly comb your hair, you should pay attention to the main mistake most girls make. This error consists in trying to comb the hair along the entire length at once. Should not be doing that. It is important to approach the roots gradually – first brush one area of ??hair, then move on to the next, climbing higher.

If you have long and thick hair, then you can not scratch all the strands, enough and a few ringlets on the crown. To ensure that the hair does not settle in a short period of time, each strand of hair is fixed with a varnish. After you have combed all the strands, take a comb with natural bristles or, if you do not have it, the usual massage.

Gently comb the hair back, just do not comb, otherwise the whole hair will go bad. It is important to give the right shape to your hairstyle. Ready to cover, cover with untouched upper strands. If you prefer a natural hairstyle, do not use a super strong fixation lacquer.

Если вы желаете включить в прическу челку, то не стоит делать начес и на ней. Ее можно просто накрутить на бигуди, придав красивый объем.

Also you can collect hair in a beautiful tail. This hairstyle will decorate any solemn event. However, before you do this nap, smoothly, combing your fingers, collect the hair in the tail. The height and location of the tail choose yourself. Secure your hair with a beautiful elastic band or hairpins. To make your hair look more festive, thread a curl of hair on the hair curlers.

Create a beautiful hairstyle with a fleece is not too difficult. The main thing, do it carefully, so as not to damage your hair, especially if they are so damaged by various styling and hair products.

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