Plasmolifting: what is this procedure for?

Plasmolifting: what is this procedure for?
Что же такое «плазмолифтинг» и чем данная процедура может быть опасна? Возможно это все лишь мифы, которыми нас запугивают. Сегодня есть столько современных технологий омоложения, и плазмолифтинг находиться на пике популярности. Пора попробовать эту процедуру и узнать, что это такое.
Что такое «плазмолифтинг»?

Plasmolifting does not apply to preparations for skin rejuvenation. It is believed that this is a kind of procedure, according to the type of mesotherapy. In this case, the patient's blood is injected into the problem areas of the skin. It happens by injections in the form of an injection. This kind of stimulation was developed more than 150 years ago.
At that time, only the autohemotherapy was opened. The patient's blood was injected into the muscle. This strengthens the immune system, restarts metabolic processes. But the problem is that along with blood, harmful substances enter the body. Therefore, this method was abandoned.
Plasma was used not so long ago. This technology can be considered a new one. Unlike the old method – autohemotherapy, this blood is purified for plasmolifting and only plasma is left. Plasma is enriched with platelets. It stimulates all processes and helps skin regeneration.
Многих вводит в заблуждение название процедуры. Плазмолифтинг – это не процедура по подтяжке лица. Этот процесс нужно сочетать и с другими технологиями, для лучшего эффекта.
Interesting facts about the healing properties of blood
Еще с давних времен кров считали чудо-средством от многих заболеваний. Китайцы ценили кровь teenagers, and the Romans drank the blood of dead gladiators. There is a myth about Medea, who made a transfusion, and regained her youth.
People have always perceived blood as a treasure, and this is not an exaggeration. Renewal of blood affects youth. Everyone dreams of regaining his youth and rejuvenating his body. Therefore, plasmolifting has become a good option to rejuvenate your body and slow the aging process.

Approvals of specialists

Косметологи утверждают, что плазмолифтинг не обладает огромным эффектом лифтинга, как многие считают. За счет данной процедуры можно получить подтягивающий эффект, который способствует выведению лишней жидкости из под кожи. Плазмолифтинг дает свои плоды.
This procedure has medicinal properties and has a positive effect on the problem skin of the face. This is a powerful breakthrough in cosmetology. Experts say that the quality of diseased skin improves. But the fast effect can not wait. It is a remedy for people who are against chemistry. The most natural way of rejuvenation is plasmolifting. After all, the main ingredient is the patient's blood.
Apply plasmolifting to the problem skin and acne lesions. And also good for acne. After the procedure, the complexion improves. The effect of the introduction of blood remains for a long time.

Blood for Plasma Lifting

The main component of plasmolifting is the patient's own blood. It is she the best biostimulator for the body. Blood promotes the improvement of metabolic processes and the formation of new cells.
Fibroblasts are the cells that are under the skin, and after an additional plasma they begin to intensively produce proteins. This gives the skin firmness and youth. After the introduction of blood, the body receives additional elastin and collagen. For the procedure, the patient takes blood about 10ml. The tubes are treated with a special substance, this does not allow the blood to clot, and at the same time it also cleans the plasma. Blood is divided into a white and a red part. "White" blood emerges, it is enriched with platelets.

With what can you combine plasmolifting?

The procedure of plasmolifting requires medical practice. And not in every salon can do this service. Most often, plazmolifting is done with thermolysis. Thermolysis well removes old layers of skin and tightens the face. And after that comes plasmolifting, which heals the skin. The introduction of blood enhances the regeneration process.
There is nothing dangerous in this procedure. It's time to get younger. After all, you do not need to take an infinite number of drugs for rejuvenation. All you need is your blood!

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