Placental masks: results and reviews

Placental masks: results and reviews
In the struggle for beauty and youth, women are ready for many things: various procedures, expensive skin care systems. A modern anti-aging product in cosmetology is placental mask. The placenta extract, which is part of the mask, is a popular cosmetic remedy for prolonging youth and skin beauty. By complicated procedures from the placenta Horse or sheep receive all the necessary and highest quality components for cosmetics.

To the mask showed its full properties, its composition is supplemented with proteins of silk, pearl powder, collagen, plant extract and vitamins.

Thanks to the combination of the above components with placenta extract, after the course of application of masks wrinkles are smoothed out, and especially deep become less pronounced, the complexion is leveled. Women note that after a placental mask, skin tone improves, it becomes more moist, puffiness disappears.

Placental masks are available in the form of a tissue base, which is impregnated with all active components. It is very easy to apply it, it is enough just to get the product and apply it to a previously cleaned face.

The mask usually already provides slits for the eyes and lips, which greatly simplifies its use.

Beforehand, you can treat the skin with a scrub or carefully steam out, then the effect will be most noticeable. Applying the mask is more convenient at first on the nose area, then it can be neatly distributed throughout the face.

After 15-20 minutes, the mask can be removed from the face and admired the result of its effect. After the first procedure, many women just fall in love with this wonderful tool. The skin of the face is as if filled with light, it becomes smooth and soft, incredibly tender, redness, rashes and other shortcomings disappear.

2-3 times a week, the procedure must be repeated, manufacturers recommend a one-month course. Immediately after applying 4-6 masks, cellular respiration normalizes, the skin is actively renewed.

The whole course is recommended to pass with placental masks from one manufacturer. Then it is guaranteed there will be no irritation, redness and other negative effects that are possible from a combination of components of different firms.

A great advantage of placental masks in front of other products is that they are able to restore mature skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Extract of the placenta is able to suppress melanin deposits in the skin, hence, the pigmentation spots will not form. In addition, it is these masks that help improve skin tone.

To get the best result, you need to acquire quality placental masks and use their course. The most popular among women is the products of Japanese and Korean manufacturers. Of course, this is not the most affordable cosmetics, but in this case the manufacturer is fully responsible for the quality and result.

The placental mask can be used after 35 years, because it has a pronounced effect of lifting. Substances that are contained in the placenta, can stimulate the production of skin collagen, which with age becomes very small.

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