Photo, video instructions for applying gel-varnish on nails

Photo, video instructions for applying gel-varnish on nails
A lot of Russian women regularly doing manicure, had time to evaluate the durability and actually the ideal appearance of the decorative coating of nails gel-varnish. At the same time to create such a beauty in the salon is not necessary to go. By special instructions you can apply gel-lacquer and home. Gel-lac, not so long ago penetrated into the Russian beauty industry, managed to gain a solid foothold in it. This is due mainly to his persistence and long-term maintenance of the ideal appearance of the nails after applying them to such a coating. It can survive a minimum of half a month, and even longer, and at the same time there are no peeling edges and scratches, usually remaining from careless scratching of the nail plate with sharp objects.

Gel-varnish is a hybrid of colored decorative enamel and gel, used for nail extensions. From the first, he took a variety of shades and relative transparency, and from the second – the durability and smoothness of the coating after application.

Many Russians who managed to love such a manicure, for some reason are convinced that it can only be performed in the salon. They think that its application requires expensive materials and devices that it is not advisable to buy for home use.

Однако это не совсем так. Безусловно, покупка большого количества флаконов с гель-лаком может обойтись в приличную сумму, но здесь довольно просто добиться экономии. Для этого, например, стоит заказать определенное количество оттенков на пару с подругой или же выбрать наиболее бюджетную марку гель-лака (не обязательно приобретать считающийся наиболее дорогим Shellac).

As for the other consumables, the degreaser, primer, base and top can also be bought with the simplest and cheapest ones (but at the same time, it is unacceptable to save on their quality). The UV lamp necessary for the polymerization of gel-varnish is also worth the purchase, without unnecessary functions, which in household conditions not needed. The main thing is that it should be 36-Watt.

The application of gel-varnish, too, will not cause difficulties, if clearly follow a certain order, which adhere to the master. First you need to move the cuticle with an orange stick. It's even better to cut it off. Removal of this thin strip of skin with special means before such a manicure is highly undesirable: some chemicals found in many preparations to eliminate the cuticle, prevent the normal application of gel-varnish.

Next, you need to process the free edges of the nails, giving them the desired shape. Also, with a soft buff, you need to cut down the surface of the nail plate a little. However, this can not be zealous: this operation is required only to remove gloss, and not to get rid of a large number of keratin layers (as, for example, before building up).

After the above procedures, dust is sure to form, which must always be brushed with a dry brush. In addition, at this stage, immediately after filing, the surface of the nails must be degreased with a special tool – a dehydrator. In an extreme case, for this normal soap will fit. After the completion of such manipulations, you should wait for the nail plates to dry.

The next step is primer application. This tool serves as a primer for gel-varnish, allowing the latter to firmly mesh with keratin scales. In addition, it helps to maintain the normal state of nail plates, preventing their destruction. The primer is applied, like the usual enamel, with a thin brush. At the edges of the nail, its layer must be sealed with a dry brush.

Dry under the lamp you need every layer (base, colored gel-varnish, top). It usually takes no more than 1-2 minutes (depending on what the manufacturer recommends). For the LED lamp, the period is shorter – up to 35 seconds.

Such a device does not require polymerization in a UV lamp – unlike all others. On the contrary – it is required to wait until the primer dries out on its own, and only then proceed to overlay the base coat. The latter serves for the stability of the gel-varnish and simultaneously does not allow the pigmentation contained in it to penetrate the nail.

Next comes the most important stage – the application of a directly colored coating. The first time is to choose a one-color gel-lacquer, and in the future, after a little mastering the technique of applying it, you can also experiment with shades and patterns of them. Each layer needs drying (which should ideally be two).

In the end, you should apply the final preparation, also called top. Its layer should be a little thicker than the color gel-varnish. After thoroughly drying it will only remove the sticky layer formed on top of the degreaser, treat the skin around the nail with nutritious creams or lotions – and enjoy the resulting manicure.

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