Photo of female haircuts on short hair

Photo of female haircuts on short hair
Short hair is the choice of women who want to look great in any situation and, at the same time, do not want to spend too much time creating complex hairstyles and styling. Typically, these haircuts are easy to care for and most importantly – they can be changed quite often when the hair grows a little. But choosing a haircut is not so easy: there are many nuances and conditions that must be taken into account. The main thing that should be guided by the choice is the form of the person. A well-chosen hairstyle is able to adjust its features and visually make the oval more correct.

So, chubby women should stop their choice on multi-layered haircuts, giving the volume to the crown, with strands framing the face. This will allow you to visually stretch out the wide face, make it a little narrower. A good solution can also be asymmetrical hairstyles with strings, slightly carelessly laid in the direction of the cheeks. Complement the image of the thinned bangs, which can be either straight or oblique.

For an elongated oval face, short hairstyles with an oblique part and a long straight bangs are suitable. In this case, hair styles with shaped strands to the middle of the cheek will look particularly impressive. Suitable for such a person and "round" volumetric options that allow you to slightly adjust the face oval.

Бесспорно, короткие стрижки хороши для стройным дамам с отличной фигурой, но и красавицам с пышными формами не стоит от них отказываться. Если «пышечка» является обладательницей вьющихся или волнистых волос, можно сказать, что ей повезло: пышные кудри прекрасно «скрадывают» излишнюю полноту лица. Таким дамам лучше выбрать прическу такой длины, чтобы нижние пряди были не короче линии челюсти – в этом случае подбородок выглядит более узким, а само лицо – более тонким. Если же волосы прямые, то можно остановиться на классическом варианте стрижки «боб». При этом не следует делать ее короче линии подбородка.

Ladies with appetizing forms still prefer to stop their choice on hairstyles of medium length.

The choice of the form of haircuts is largely determined by the structure of the hair, the degree of their density and the general condition. So, thin hair will be added by the volume of stepped hairstyles, but it must be remembered that they will have to be laid on curlers using mousse or hair spray to give volume. If you want to do without this procedure, it is better to make a classic quads or a haircut "bob". As for the length, it is preferable to leave it from the earlobe to the chin line.

Более короткие тонкие волосы будут выглядеть слишком «плоско», а это не тот эффект, которого хотелось бы добиться.

If you have curvy curly hair, it's better to choose a hairstyle that does not require complicated laying, not too strict in terms of geometry. For example, graduated hairstyles, such as a ladder or cascade, will do. "African" curls look good if the strands in the face are longer than on the back of the head.

Super-short haircuts in a sports style are popular with young girls and women of the age. It is believed that such a прическа молодит and gives the image lightness. However, this is only true if its owner has an impeccable figure, the right features and a beautiful head shape. Ladies aged should refrain from this option, if the contours of the face and neck have lost their clarity – such a haircut is very unprofitable to emphasize these age features.

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