Photo matt varnishes for nail cover

Photo matt varnishes for nail cover
For some reason, it so happened that the nails must necessarily be shiny, so the gloss has always been an integral part of any varnish. However, conservatism is gradually receding and modern designers embody their bold ideas, experimenting and creating new images. So, thanks to them, and matt lacquer came into fashion.
There is a version that the first matte varnish was invented in the nineties and eventually turned into a cult trend of modern women of fashion. Already a couple of years ago, the use of matte varnish was considered a special feature in the design of nails, but glossy varnishes still do not give up their positions.

The matte coating on the nails looks unobtrusive, and fashion experts almost single-handedly argue that a matte manicure is sophistication, sophistication and elegance. Matte tone, many use as a basis, applying drawings with lacquers of the same tone, but with a glossy varnish.

Imitations are popular when a drop of transparent gloss is applied to a colored matte background, such a creation as a drop of water on nails looks like. Often used techniques combined "chess application" glossy and matt coating. It is convenient to do the stencil.

Matte varnish saves in those situations when you need to do a manicure in emergency mode. It dries quickly and has a smooth texture. Such varnishes are thicker and more viscous in consistence, due to this, and their rapid application is possible and, in the final result, smooth nail coating. The varnish on the nail plate spreads evenly, leaving no clots, streaks and lumens. The only condition: the nail plate should be perfectly even, since such a varnish reveals all the tubercles and cavities.

Качественная кисточка при использовании образует форму веера, а ворсинки равномерно распушаются.

Trend of the new autumn-winter season: matte varnish in combination with sequins. Photographers presented a whole series of materials about such exquisite nail jewelry. Apply and large petal glitter that lay on the bed of the nail, and small, which stylizes a manicure under the jacket.

However, only a high-quality varnish can help to do an exquisite manicure. First of all, when choosing a remedy, you should pay attention to the vial and its brush, which should be long, but not reach the bottom of the bottle. Vorsinki near the brush should not be spiked in different directions, but should be even and collected together. Otherwise, it will be impossible to apply a varnish evenly.

If the brush is too stiff, it will leave strips. Too soft can quickly wear out and lose its shape, and therefore the varnish will spread over the nail.

As for the vial, the simpler its shape, the better. A bottle with strong bends in its cavities will accumulate a varnish. Ideally, a special ball should be present in the vial, which mixes the lacquer when the vial is shaken. The lid of the bottle with a brush should be conveniently located between the fingers – do not slip, do not be bulky and heavy. Since matte varnish is applied only by longitudinal strokes and does not forgive bends, it is the quality of the brush and its "handle" that determines the quality of the coating.

Usually varnishes are stored for six months. Dry the varnish is better not to dilute, because it will be a divorce lumps, cease to lie flat, and it will help for a while.

The quality of the varnish can be verified very simply. From the bottle gets a brush and holds for five seconds. During this time, the varnish should form a drop and drop from the brush. If this does not happen, then it is better to refuse such varnish: it has too thick consistency and will soon dry up. When buying is also best to do a small swab on the nail. So it is better to determine the shade, which will take a varnish on each particular nail.

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