Perfume with a chocolate odor

Perfume with a chocolate odor
Many people are not indifferent to chocolate. Only when they smell, they remember the taste, loved since childhood. Of course, excessive consumption of chocolate leads to excess weight and tooth decay. So take a great interest in this goodness is not worth it.

As for perfumery, it should be said that a rich smell can get boring around. For this reason, perfumers dilute perfume with chocolate flavor by other ingredients. They are an integral part of the composition, and you can use this fragrance every day.

Let's talk about bitter chocolate

First you should tell about the fragrances, in which the smell of bitter chocolate can be felt immediately. For example, this is the flavor of Koveth. Thanks to the presence of the top note of chocolate in this floral perfume, the smell is interpreted deeper.

There are aromas in which there are heart notes of chocolate, for example, perfume Matt Chocolate. There is a woody color in the perfume water of Jill. Also there are other delicious ingredients, for example, grapefruit or watermelon. Something like fruit candy.

The floral fragrance includes not only chocolate, but also violet and berries. Thus, perfumers try to make the chocolate smell not so intrusive. In it, the gourmet component is not so clearly pronounced. The smell of chocolate is also felt unsteadily.

Also worth recalling the perfume from the brand Escada. Enhances the smell of coffee chocolate. Another option is the floral perfume "Black Orchid".

Perfume with the smell of white chocolate

How to be those who prefer not to black, but white chocolate. On the proceeds they will come nocturnal interpretation of the fragrance "Night on the fifth avenue." White chocolate has a basic note in it, so you should wait until the smell appears. Another example of such perfume is the fragrance "Fantasy" from Britney Spears.

Perfume with a smell of coffee

The aroma of coffee is close to the smell of chocolate. It is a part of such flavors as "Intensive Coffee" or Calvin Klein. A good option – the flavor of cocoa. An example of such perfumes is the fragrances "Be happy" or "Christian Dior".

This is not the whole list of perfumes with a chocolate flavor. To search for similar perfumes, you can go to special sites. There you can choose perfume for the price, the main note, as well as the fragrances that make up their composition.

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