Perfect appearance: what to check before leaving home

Perfect appearance: what to check before leaving home
Speaking about the impeccable appearance of a person, we imagine stylish clothes, sparkling clean shoes, perfect hair, well-groomed hands, make-up (for women). However, even the most ideal appearance can spoil the little things, which you can not pay attention to in a hurry or simply forget. Therefore, just before you leave the house, you should once again look carefully at yourself in the mirror and check: everything is in order.

Clean teeth

Even if you brushed your teeth after breakfast, the food particles could still get stuck in the interdental spaces. During the conversation they will become visible, which will make a very unpleasant impression on the potential interlocutor, no matter how impeccably everything looks. Before leaving the house, look in the mirror, bared your teeth and carefully examine them. If not, floss or dental floss help. At the same time, check the freshness of breathing, putting a hand to the mouth, folded with a handful, making an energetic exhalation from the mouth and immediately inhaling a nose. If the smell arouses suspicion, take action: a mouth freshener, a chewing gum, candy – there are a lot of ways.

Clean the nose

Raise your head higher – so that the light illuminates the nostrils, for greater convenience, direct a ray of light to your nose. Sometimes it happens that dry or liquid discharge from the nose becomes visible to others, which does not contribute to perfect appearance. Use a handkerchief, a napkin or a cotton swab and bring your nose in order. Check also if there are any dried out secretions in the corners of the eyes.

Clean clothes

Extremely untidy look on the clothes dropped hair or dandruff. Inspect yourself in the mirror from all sides, use a brush or simply with your hands to brush off all the unnecessary parts from your shoulders and other parts of your body. This is doubly necessary if you wear dark clothes. At the same time remember – did you use deodorant in the armpits area or will you scare off the people around with the smell of sweat?

Buttoned zippers and buttons

Anyone who at least once embarrassed, being in a company with an unbuttoned fly, will never forget the sensation of shame and embarrassment. Be sure to check before leaving the house – whether zippers, buttons and buckles are fastened intimate places. If the fasteners "loose" and are used to unbutton themselves, you must take care of their repair in advance. You can take express measures: for example, if you unzip the zipper on the trousers, then you need to attach a small rubber band to the hole on the dog slide, which should be thrown over the button of the belt after the zipper is fastened, and only then fasten the button itself. The elastic band will keep the zipper from "slipping".

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