Peeling fruit acids in helping your skin

Peeling fruit acids in helping your skin
Caring for the condition of the skin of a woman's face is always given a huge amount of time and is looking for more and more new ways to make the skin of the face young and fresh. Peelings have long been known for their useful properties for the skin, they remove the horny layer of skin, removing dead cells.

One of the most gentle and safe peelings is fruit. It gently and gently cares for the skin with the help of natural ingredients. Its use is possible even for young girls, as it has an easy therapeutic effect. It should be noted that peeling fruit acids refers to the surface peelings.

For the peeling procedure, several different types of acids are used, including: lactic, lemon, tartaric, apple, glycolic. Consider the action of each of these acids a little more.

One of the most popular is lactic acid, someone may wonder what relation lactic acid has to fruit acids, but it is contained not only in dairy products such as kefir, yoghurt and other, but also in fruits such as blueberries, grapes, apples , wedge syrup, grapes. Lactic acid can effectively moisturize your skin. Particular attention should be paid to those girls whose skin needs bleaching, better than lactic acid, no one can cope with it.

Lemon and tartaric acid, as a rule, are used in a complex, therefore it is better to talk about their properties together. Citric acid has excellent disinfecting and antioxidant properties, whereas tartaric acid exfoliates and moisturizes well, and it has a light whitening effect. In the complex, both these acids carry out complex care for your skin.

Glycolic acid refers to low-molecular acids. Due to this property, it has the ability to easily penetrate the surface layers of the skin and remove pigment spots.

Apple acid is valuable not only for its exfoliating property, but for its ability to promote skin regeneration at the cellular level.

It is worth noting that cosmetologists usually use several fruit acids, mixing them and combining their properties to achieve the best effect. Despite the fact that peeling fruit acids is sparing, for the provision of this procedure you need to contact professionals. This will give you confidence that the cosmetologist will approach your problem in a comprehensive manner, select the most suitable peeling for you and ensure proper care of your skin before and after the procedure.

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