Patchouli oil: unique properties, application

Patchouli oil: unique properties, application
The essential oil of patchouli is a part of various medical preparations and branded cosmetics. This oil has many useful properties, thanks to which it is popular among fans of home cosmetology. Often the essential oil of patchouli is used in aromatherapy. Its smell reminds a mix from aroma of the Indian spices and easy smoke of an autumn fire. I must say, this aroma is not liked by everyone, but it leaves no one indifferent because it has a strong and memorable character.

Essential oil of patchouli is most often present in the composition male perfume, although in recent years, perfume manufacturers began to use it for the manufacture of viscous, tart, but soft female fragrances. Eau de toilette with patchouli oil will appeal to lovers of spicy and spicy fragrances.

In cosmetology this ingredient is used very often. It is added to skin care products of any type, because the properties of patchouli essential oil are really unique. With oily skin it will help to normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, when dry – get rid of annoying peeling, and with sensitive skin – to remove irritation and reduce inflammation.

Adding a couple of drops of oil to any hair care product will help get rid of dandruff and make hair stronger, giving them a healthy natural shine. You can also pour a patchouli oil a couple of times in 10 ml of any face and body cream, thereby speeding up the desired effect.

Особенно часто косметологи рекомендуют использовать масло пачули для ухода за зрелой кожей, ведь оно способно стимулировать процессы регенерации, устранять возрастные покраснения. Также оно обладает лифтинговым эффектом и крайне благоприятно воздействует на проблемную кожу. Более того, оно может избавить от проявлений аллергии и от грибковых поражений.

Вдыхать ароматное масло пачули рекомендуют при различных нервных расстройствах. Это позволяет минимизировать последствия стрессов и напряжений.

To get rid of hated cellulite will also help essential oil of patchouli. A few drops added to the cream or body lotion will tighten the skin, make it more fresh and elastic, which will help bring the body into shape after a sharp slimming. By the way, patchouli oil can also help restore the shape of the breast, for this you need to regularly hold a massage, adding to the usual massage oil a little ether at the rate of 6-8 drops for 10 ml. And baths with patchouli oil are also effective. On a full bath, 5-6 drops.

Since patchouli essential oil has an antimicrobial and antifungal effect, it is recommended to use it in intimate hygiene.

Patchouli oil is also widely used in folk medicine as an effective tool for the treatment of purulent wounds, scratches, cracks in the skin, dermatoses and eruptions of herpetic and allergic origin. It is also able to smooth the scars and contribute to the disappearance of traces of acne on the skin of the face.

Before using patchouli oil, it is best to consult a doctor. There is an opinion that it can be added to honey or jam with therapeutic purposes, but very little – no more than a drop.

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