Pastel shades in manicure

Pastel shades in manicure
Even the bravest and daring young lady sometimes wants to feel defenseless and feminine. Therefore, it washes away the "fighting coloring", puts aside shoes on the hairpin and makes a manicure in pastel colors. The palette of light and delicate shades gives a sense of calm, adding to the image a piece of romantic mood.

Neil art with pastel shades

Each person has his own perception of color, so sometimes it's very difficult to draw a line between the pastel and the usual shade. Real nail industry gurus call pastel tones muffled shades of almost any color that lack saturation and brightness.

Often ladies who want to create a feminine image, choose a turquoise color for the manicure, light pink, mint, beige.

Actual light shades

Turquoise and mint shades do not lose their popularity and in 2014 year. Manicure in majestic colors of mint color is refreshing and calm. It is quite enough to apply in two layers such a varnish, so that your handles look elegant and elegant even without additional elements and drawings.

Since it is now summer, the sky-blue color is very popular among pastel shades. A manicure in blue tones will give you a feeling of lightness, complementing the romantic image. The classic design of nails in blue can be decorated with stucco, sequins, sequins, decorative elements.

Manicure in warm pastel colors deserves special attention. To such a manicure is beige. With this color you can achieve a stylish natural effect. Beige and other body shades are used by business ladies and real women of fashion – they suit absolutely everything! They are well combined with a variety of stylistics, great looking at the nails of different length and shape. Supplement the beige manicure with nail art with drawings or bright rhinestones on an anonymous or index finger.

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