Oils for hair growth

Oils for hair growth
Since ancient times, the properties of oils have been widely used for hair care. They are able to give the hair a shine, strength, and also greatly accelerate the growth of hair. With the regular use of oil-based masks, it is possible to achieve results in several months, for which the usual care will take years.


Olive oil

One of the most nutritious for the scalp is olive oil. It contains a lot of vitamins, which improve metabolic processes in the epidermis, replenishing the useful components of the hair follicles.

The components contained in olive oil enrich the follicles, thus replenishing the lack of substances delivered by the circulatory system. The use of masks based on olive oil in combination with the use of multivitamins and a full-fledged diet allows you to achieve intensive hair growth even in winter.

At the same time, olive oil has a light texture that allows it to penetrate into the skin without clogging the pores. Trace elements of the oil favorably affect the scalp, preventing the appearance of irritation and inflammation, which indirectly lead to a slowing of hair growth.

For the preparation of masks, olive oil can be used both in pure form, and in combination with eggs, herbal decoctions, balms and other oils.

Burr oil

This oil, extracted from the roots of burdock, allows you to quickly grow hair in a record time. Thanks to active ingredients, burdock improves blood circulation in the skin, due to which the hair grows faster about 1,5 times.

At the same time, burdock oil improves the condition of the scalp and moisturizes the epidermis. This allows you to get rid of dandruff, itching and foci of inflammatory processes.

Burdock oil is a ready-made vitamin cocktail for the hair, so it is often used as a monocomponent mask. The oil does not need to be heated on a water bath, because it reacts quickly to the temperature of the scalp and, when applied, liquefies itself. Mask of burdock oil is best applied under a polyethylene hat with additional warming in the form of a towel, which improves the penetration of active substances into the hair follicles.

Kastorovoe butter

On the effectiveness of castor oil is almost no equal. The special properties of this product allow not only to accelerate the growth of hair, but also to improve the condition of the cuticle qualitatively. Castor oil prevents hair from splitting at the ends, improves shine, and in the autumn-spring period helps to combat excessive loss.

However, castor oil has a very thick consistency. To penetrate active substances into the follicles it takes a lot of time – a mask based on castor oil should be kept from 1 hours.

For hair growth, castor oil can be used in its pure form. However, its thick consistency, even when heated, is difficult to remove from the hair. Therefore, it is best to use this product in tandem with more liquid oils – grape seeds or burdock.

Almond oil

Most often, almond oil is considered as a means for giving shine to the hair along the entire length. However, its rich vitamin composition also has a beneficial effect on hair growth. A gentle texture, the presence of vitamins F and Group B make this product an ideal component for home masks. Regular application to the scalp allows to improve the intensity of growth of hair that has already formed, and will also benefit the sleeping follicles, helping to strengthen the young "undercoat".

This tool is ideal for strengthening the hairs in the temporal and frontal parts of the head. In these areas, the scalp is very tender and susceptible to aggressive action of active substances. Soft effect of almond oil allows you to nourish these areas, and easy washing will not damage the fragile hairs.

Mustard oil

It is widely known that it is good to use mustard-based masks for hair growth. However, this method is recommended only to owners of the nature of strong hair, not prone to loss. Similar to the effectiveness, but less than a shock effect allows you to achieve mustard oil. It has a high stimulating effect, repeatedly increasing the flow of blood to the hair.

Minor vitamin composition is fully compensated by the content of natural antioxidants, which prevent small inflammatory processes on the scalp.

Because of the high concentration of active substances, it is not recommended to apply mustard oil to the scalp in its pure form. It is safer to use it as a basis for the preparation of oil cocktails, mixing in the proportion 1 / 3 with castor or olive oil, as well as with a conventional hair conditioner.

Regular use of masks based on mustard oils allows you to achieve a hair growth of about 3 cm per month.

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