Nut cosmetics

Nut cosmetics
All nuts have medicinal properties, but each of them has its own characteristics. Many people think that it is easy to get along without nuts, but in all probability they simply do not know that nutrients are several times more nutrients than in fruits. Nuts have a beneficial effect on the body not only when ingested, but also when used to make masks. Nuts and nut oil perfectly help to improve the skin.

Grind in a blender or pass through a meat grinder 0,5 a glass of any nuts, and then separately peel the 1 apple, wring out the apple juice through the cheesecloth and mix with the nut. Apply mass to the face, and after 20-25 minutes rinse with warm water. This mask acts on any type of skin like a scrub.

Take in equal volume the crushed pine nuts and the banana. Add the same amount of honey, mix, crush and apply on face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The mask moisturizes and pits the normal and dry skin.

3-4 cores of almonds, ground in a coffee grinder, mix with kefir, to get a not very liquid slurry, apply to the skin for 2 hours, then rinse with warm water. The mask smoothes and refreshes the wrinkled skin.

Kernel 1 of a walnut chop, add on 1 ч. A spoon of a butter, fiber and honey, all carefully пере¬мешайте. Apply on face for 20-30 minutes, then rinse. Mask vitaminizes, cleanses and tones up the oily skin.

Brazil nut oil penetrates deeply into the skin layers, nourishing the skin from the inside, promoting the restoration of cells and preventing aging, and on the surface of the skin creates a protective layer. Add this oil to your cosmetics right before using them at the rate of 10% oil per serving of cream or mask composition.

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