Nourishing mask from kefir for hair

Nourishing mask from kefir for hair
Кефир оказывает удивительное воздействие на шевелюру: он укрепляет волосы, питает и увлажняет, восстанавливает их структуру, а также осветляет волосы. На основе этого кисломолочного продукта в домашних условиях готовят замечательные маски.
Если медленно растут волосы, совсем необязательно подкармливать их дорогостоящими косметическими средствами: достаточно побаловать их кефирной маской. Для ее приготовления нужно взять:
– 1 st.l. castor or burdock oil;
– 3 st.l. fermented milk product.

The components are thoroughly mixed, after which the bulk of the resulting mixture is applied to the basal system, and the remaining agent is applied to the strands. To strengthen the action of kefir mask, a plastic bag and a woolen cap are put on the head. Rinse the food after half an hour after applying warm water with a mild shampoo. To get rid of the unpleasant kefir smell, it is recommended to rinse your hair with acidified cool water (1 L of water take 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice).

Чтобы домашние кефирные маски принесли максимальную пользу, делать их рекомендуют не реже двух раз в неделю на протяжении 1-1,5 месяцев подряд.

Для увлажнения слишком сухих волос и придания им роскошного блеска используют питательную кефирную маску, в составе которой присутствуют следующие компоненты:
– 3 st.l. kefir;
– 1 st.l. olive oil;
– egg yolk.

The oil is mixed with a slightly warmed fermented milk product and whipped until a delicate foam is formed with yolk. Next, the mixture is applied to the hair, covering it from the roots to the tips themselves, and warming the head with a towel. After an hour, wash the kefir mask with warm water and shampoo.

Strengthen the weakened hair will help the nutrient, prepared according to the following recipe, for which you will need:
– egg yolk;
– 200-230 ml of fermented milk product;
– 1 ст.л. молотой корицы.

Preheated on a water bath to a comfortable temperature, yogurt is mixed with a slightly whipped yolk and cinnamon. Then the finished compound massage movements are applied to clean hair and scalp and leave the nutrient for 38-40 minutes. Wash the kefir mixture with warm water and a small amount of mild shampoo.

To enhance the effect of kefir masks, it is recommended to take the sour-milk product inside during cosmetic procedures.

Perfectly nourishes the hair and gives them a gorgeous volume mask, made from the following components:
– 100 мл кефира;
– 1 ст.л. голубой косметической глины.

Clay and kefir are combined and mixed thoroughly. After the nutrient mixture is distributed through the hair, warm the head with a towel and leave the kefir mask for 28-30 minutes. Rinse this slurry with warm water and a mild shampoo.

In the fight against dandruff, the kefir mask, prepared from such a set of products, is effective:
– 100 ml of fermented milk product;
– a small amount of crumb of black bread;
– 1 st.l. olive or burdock oil.

Bread is poured with kefir and left for 8-10 minutes, then the mixture is enriched with oil and thoroughly mixed all the ingredients. The finished nutrient composition is rubbed into the basal system, after which the head is covered with a food film and insulated. After 20-25 minutes, the kefir mass is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

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