Nourishing hair masks at home

Nourishing hair masks at home
In winter, the hair weaken, experiencing a deficiency of moisture and vitamins, become dull, quickly get dirty at the roots.

Of course, it is very important to restore such hair to health and provide them with vitamin care. In winter, nutrients can help in this matter. If your hair is already severely damaged, you should visit the hairdresser before using restoring masks. Ask the hairdresser to get rid of the hairstyle from the split ends. It is enough to cut a few millimeters to leave the length of the former and give the hair a neat appearance.

Benefit domestic masks will manifest themselves in full, if you combine them with natural shampoos of your own preparation. For example, it can be egg yolks mixed with herbal decoctions: nettle, lime, chamomile, mint, from dandelion flowers, rose petals or sage.

1. Nourishing mask for hair from eggs and carrots.

Отделите 2 желтка и хорошо взбейте вилкой. Добавьте 2 ст. л. тертой моркови или ее сока и 15 мл орехового или оливкового масла. Полученным составом основательно пропитайте локоны, уделяя внимание и концам, и зоне у корней. Покройте волосы клеенчатым пакетом и наденьте теплую шапку. В таком виде побудьте 45 минут, промойте волосы с шампунем два раза, а потом настоем из трав.

2. Pumpkin mask for weakened hair.

From the vegetable, squeeze the juice or cook with a blender pumpkin puree. Stir in the egg yolk, two spoons of olive oil and a vial of vitamin A (it can be replaced with juice of raw carrots). Make an 40-minute mask, tightly wrapping your hair. Enriched with provitamin A and minerals, the mask will favorably affect the structure of the curls, saturate the rods and follicles with nutrients, and give a beautiful shade to the entire hairstyle.

3. Питающая маска с растительными маслами.

Mix cedar, burdock, almond and castor oil, taking an 1 spoon of each kind. You can enrich the composition with a few drops of "Aevita", purchased at the pharmacy. Plan a lengthy procedure – from 1 to 2 hours, you should keep a healthy mixture on your hair. Wash off with herbal shampoo.

4. Honey-onion mask for beautiful and healthy hair.

Сделайте из репчатой луковицы сочную кашицу. Добавьте цветочный мед в соотношении 1:4. Вотрите массу в корни, размажьте по всей шевелюре, выждите 30 минут и промойте. Напоследок нанесите на волосы отвар из березовых листьев или цветков ромашки. Такая маска не только питает волосяные фолликулы, но и стимулирует их жизненную активность — локоны grow faster, their strength and strength increases.

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