New Year's makeup option

New Year's makeup option
To emphasize your dignity, to apply makeup correctly is just necessary. This year, makeup should be quite prominent, but not vulgar. You can focus on the eyes and lips.

Перед началом любого макияжа нанесите основу.  Высветлите немного область под глазами с помощью хайлайтера. И после того, как вы нанесли тон, можете приступать к нанесению теней.

Under the eyebrow Apply the lightest shade that you have, matt shades, white or beige, are best. Rastuchuyte them, we do this in order to emphasize the line of eyebrows.

Next, you need to type on the brush a gray color, you can nut, and apply to the crease of the mobile age, as well as to the outer corner, lightly erasing the boundaries, so that there are no clear contours.

Then the color that you put under the eyebrow, put on the inner corner of the eye. Darken the outer corner with a dark color, close to black and blend, stretching to the inner corner, along the line of the mobile age.

Between the inner corner and the outer, apply a dense layer of shade metallic colors, also stretching to the inner eyelid.

Complete everything with an arrow, with the help of a black eyeliner, just do not force it to the temples. For a mysterious image, you can darken the lower mucous with a black pencil. Paint eyelashes with black ink.

Lips for such make-up should be made juicy, by staining them with the color "dark cherry". If you want to use pink lipstick, then it is better to let the lipstick be dark pink.

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