New Year's hairdress for a girl: how to make your own hands

New Year's hairdress for a girl: how to make your own hands
New Year's holiday is equally loved by adults and children – an explosion of joy, performances, gifts, fun and turmoil charge everyone with positive emotions. Girls, imitating mothers, smarten up, put on elegant dresses and ask them to make them festive hairstyle.

Braid the braids. This comfortable and practical hairstyle can look festive and unusual, if you show imagination and decorate strands with satin ribbons, colorful laces, small elastic bands, etc. Weave in pigtails the New Year's "rain" – bright and brilliant sparkles will attract attention and give the hair a fervent look. If girls romantic and refined outfit – a long dress, a carnival costume of a fairy princess – then the braid should be braided in an unusual way. The French weaving looks good, spirals twisted in a spiral, small braids attached around the head, etc.

Short haircuts can be decorated with decorative elements. Peeled bangs on the side of the bang with a clip-crab with a large bead or a bead weave, lace inserts. Form small bundles of hair from one temple through the occipital region to another temple, fasten them with small elastic bands.

Из длинных волос можно «составить» композицию. Путем чередования прядей волос и формирования определенных линий можно соорудить на голове «лучики солнышка», просто переплести причудливым образом пряди, скрепляя хвосты у основания резинками. Здесь нет определенных правил и все зависит от вашей фантазии – направление волос и способы их фиксации выбирайте на свое усмотрение. Оставшиеся свободными кончики можно подкрутить, сбрызнуть разноцветным лаком или начесать.

Lift the hair up. Collect them in a tight bundle on the vertex, fasten the tail with a wide elastic band or wrap it with a smooth ribbon, and release the remaining strands, wind and hang freely. The second option – twisted locks lift from two sides over the temples, fasten them with hairpins or bows. Weave a lot of braids from the hair, forming a high tail – release them in random order or weave each of them into a piece of wire, giving strands an unnatural bend.

Используйте ободки и обручи. Детские аксессуары и украшения для волос станут отличным дополнением к праздничному наряду – расчешите волосы, позвольте им свободно падать на плечи, а на голову наденьте изысканный обруч, украшенный мелкими камнями, цветочками из бархата, крупными бусинами и т.д.

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