New Dawn: the history of Soviet perfumery

New Dawn: the history of Soviet perfumery
There is an opinion that this perfume is produced only in France. Certainly, the French perfumers in the century before last won authority among consumers of aromatic products, but truly high-quality perfumes are produced in many countries, including Russia.

"Dawn" of Soviet perfumery

Famous to this day, the factory "New Dawn" was founded in 1846. Of course, the founder was a Frenchman – Heinrich Bokar. The current name of the factory was only in 1922, and before that it was called "Perfumery-soap factory No. 5". The company offered the buyer a variety of aromatic products – from soap to perfume. The goods have gained great popularity due to competent marketing moves and high quality, as well as a democratic price: for example, soap "Narodnoye" cost the consumer only one penny.

One of the first fragrances of the Broker was the "Persian lilac". These spirits were quite simple composition, but despite this, they became popular not only at home, but also abroad.

The most famous spirits that first appeared after the revolution – "Red Moscow" are still produced. This fragrance was unusually popular in the middle of the twentieth century. Today, these spirits continue to enjoy popularity among lovers of Soviet classics.

At the beginning of the 2000, "New Dawn" began to produce aromatic products in cooperation with perfumers from France under the brand name "Nouvelle Etoile". Since then, manufacturers have been paying increased attention to luxury goods and the appearance of perfume packaging.

There was no special choice of perfumery for Soviet women of fashion, because getting perfume from Poland or France was quite difficult. But relatively inexpensive and fairly persistent fragrances of the "New Dawn" were available to everyone. All known "Red Moscow" or "Gold of the Scythians" were the most popular spirits among Soviet women.

"New Dawn" today

В целом парфюмерные композиции «Новой Зари» представляют собой классические ароматы, такие как «Красная Москва», «Злато Скифов», «Елена», а также различные серии ароматов, производившиеся в течение нескольких лет, например, «Милая», «Кузнецкий мост» и т.д. Кроме того, бывают лимитированные серии духов, выпускающиеся лишь двумя-тремя партиями, например, «Персидская сирень» – копия легендарного аромата Брокара.

Today, "New Dawn" offers adherents of the classics a lot of wonderful aromas, not inferior in quality to the goods of foreign perfume companies. However, to acquire the perfume of this company is not so easy. In addition, the lack of advertising and unpretentious external design, coupled with a rather low quality of bottles and packaging, leads to the fact that today few know about the existence of the perfume of the "New Dawn" factory.

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