Nettle's use of hair

Nettle's use of hair
All the girls take care of their locks. That's just not everyone knows that ordinary nettles can help preserve the health and beauty of hair. So what is nettle for hair? Useful substances of nettle

Nettle has a unique composition. Leaves contain four times more ascorbic acid than lemon! In addition, the leaves of nettle are rich in vitamins K, E, B, A, minerals, carotene, trace elements (copper, iron, calcium, boron, magnesium).

Nettle's use of hair

Often nettles, thanks to its medicinal properties, are used to make masks and decoctions for the hair. Their regular application restores damaged hair, improving color, giving shine, strengthening the roots. Nettle also helps with seborrhea and hair loss. It promotes hair growth, fights with split ends, smoothes hair, eliminates scalp, removes fat, moisturizes.

Recipes of masks and decoctions of nettles

Decoction of the nettle to cook easily. Pour a liter of boiling water 150 gram of nettle leaves, add a spoonful of honey, insist an hour, then strain. For dandruff and hair loss, use the following decoction: pour in water 100 gram of nettle leaves, bring to a boil, insist half an hour, add the vinegar, after two hours, pass through the filter.

You can prepare a strengthening mask. Pour 3 teaspoons of nettle and a spoonful of burdock root with a glass of olive oil, insist for two weeks. You can also skip the nettle through a meat grinder, add sea salt. And in order for the weakened hair to regain strength, mix a glass of nettle leaves with egg yolk and three spoonfuls of basma.

Как видите, крапива очень полезна для волос. Так что обязательно испытайте это чудодейственное растение в деле, чтобы ваши локоны всегда оставались здоровыми и красивыми!

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