Nettle for the face: benefit, rules of use

Nettle for the face: benefit, rules of use
Nettle has a wide range of medicinal properties, due to this it is widely used in cosmetology. This is a universal tool that can be used to care for any type of skin. In particular, nettle has a good anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effect.

Useful properties of nettle for skin

Nettle is considered a good tool for caring for problem skin. It contains the following components:
– vitamin K – a strong anti-inflammatory substance, fights against freckles and edema;
– vitamin A – a good bactericide, in a short time cures acne and acne;
– Vitamin C – an indispensable substance, helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, heal wounds and make the skin supple;
– flavonoids have a pronounced rejuvenating effect;
– carotene moisturizes the skin, so it is recommended for dry skin type;
– Organic acids smooth the complexion and smooth wrinkles;
– tannins smoothen the skin and fight with inflammation;
– Potassium maintains a natural level of hydration.

Nettle is a wonderful skin care product that can be used safely if you follow all the recommendations and indications.

Indications and contraindications for the use of nettle

Despite the fact that nettles are completely natural and home remedy, which is often used for the preparation of masks, lotions and compresses, it needs to be cautiously applied. The nettle contains a large amount of formic acid, which can lead to burns. However, with proper use, this herb is very useful for dry, tired, wrinkled, fading skin. In addition, it is an excellent remedy for pimples and freckles.

Experts recommend keeping the nettle mask on the face for no more than 10 minutes, otherwise formic acid will begin to eat up the tissues. Do not use this mask for very sensitive skin.

You can use nettles in both dry and fresh form. To collect it is best away from the city and the road, preferably in the village.

How to use nettles for cosmetic purposes?

From dried leaves of nettle, you can prepare homemade infusions and decoctions. If you add 100 ml of vodka to this infusion, you will get a good lotion for oily skin. Apply it best as a compress. Dampen the gauze with a decoction and apply to face for 10 minutes.

Nettle is very effective as cosmetic ice. To make it, chop nettle leaves and freeze them in ice molds, together with nettle juice or pure mineral water.

Use nettles to make face masks. For dry skin, you can prepare a mask with clay, and for fatty and problematic with apple cider vinegar and oat flakes.

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