Neroli oil: useful properties, application

Neroli oil: useful properties, application
Neroli oil is named after the Italian princess Anna Maria, the Countess Neroli, who used it instead of perfume. Essential oil is obtained from the petals of bitter orange trees that grow in America and Southern Europe. Neroli oil includes: camphene, nerol, farnesol, dipentene, ocimene, pinene, linalool, jasmone, eugenol, geraniol, nerolidol. Its aroma differs bitterish-floral shade. Neroli oil is used to create high-end perfumes. In aromatherapy it is used to treat arrhythmias, neuroses. The remedy removes insomnia, helps with neurotic states, hysteria, depression. Aromatherapy promotes the activation of the internal forces of the human body and helps maintain its health. The most effective method is inhalation of components during inhalation and air aromatization. Essential oil irritates the receptors in the nasal mucosa. Impulses, which they produce, are sent to certain parts of the brain and affect the function of organs and systems. Simultaneously, essential oil directly affects the respiratory system, preventing the development of inflammation. The effectiveness of using the drug in inhalations is 20 times higher than with other methods of treatment.

Neroli oil has a restorative, antiviral, antisclerotic effect on the body. In addition, it improves blood flow in the coronary arteries, contributes to the elimination of cardiac rhythm disturbances. Neroli oil has anticonvulsant, antispasmodic properties, stimulates the digestive system and the production of enzymes. It has an easy diuretic effect and helps to eliminate swelling. The remedy is a sexual stimulant, it is recommended to be used for the treatment of impotence and frigidity. Neroli oil is widely used in cosmetology. The product rejuvenates the skin, helps eliminate fine wrinkles, vascular pattern and couperose. It effectively heals cracks and other lesions on the skin, helps fight acne, eczema.

Neroli oil normalizes the function of the endocrine system, facilitates PMS.

Essential oil of neroli for inhalations is used in the amount of 1-3 drops. The duration of inhalation is 15 minutes, the number of procedures per day is 3 times. For air aromatization in the aroma lamp pour 5-7 drops of oil. The product is used for health baths in an amount of not more than 7 drops (per bath) of water. The duration of the first procedure should not exceed 5-ти minutes, it is gradually increased to half an hour.

Средство можно использовать для укрепления ногтей, втирая небольшое количество в ногтевое ложе.

Compresses with neroli oil on the area of ??the diseased organ are helpful. They have analgesic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect. It is necessary to add 5-7 drops of the agent in 100 ml of water. In the solution, moisten the tissue, lightly squeeze and apply to a painful place for half an hour-hour. The duration of the procedure is gradually increased to 2-h. Massage and rubbing with neroli oil have a positive effect on the skin, muscles, joints, connective tissues. For 5-7 drops, the agents are mixed with 10 ml of vegetable oil.

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