Neck piercing: is it worth doing?

Neck piercing: is it worth doing?
A navel piercing is a painful procedure, but the result is very cute. The decoration in such a place is very sexy, attracts attention and looks aesthetically pleasing. But this type of piercing is not suitable for everyone, since it heals very long, requires special care, and can also lead to inflammation in the puncture site. The navel is the place of accumulation of many nerve endings, as well as blood vessels. Usually, the hole is made at the top with special tools. For such a piercing, you need to contact a specialist, so that everything went smoothly and not too painfully. But then within 3-4 a month it is necessary to process a wound, to watch, that there was no infection.

Когда делать пирсинг не стоит

It is not recommended to make a puncture to athletes. During training, a person sweats heavily. The navel is the place where the liquid accumulates, which means that the bacteria begin to multiply. After all the lessons you will not only have to take a shower, but also with a special solution to process the hole. But all this only in the first time, when the tissues have not yet healed. With the tilting and stretching of the abdomen, the piercing heals much longer. If usually it takes about 3-4 months, then under active loads the time will be twice as long.

При избыточном весе на животе образуются складки. При этом может происходить потоотделение, а значит, создаются условия для возникновения инфекции. Полным людям проколы лучше делать в прохладное время, чтобы сократить риск заражения.

Не стоит делать пирсинг пупка ленивым. Обработка этого участка после процедуры необходима минимум трижды в день. Перед этим нужно принять душ, а потом промыть отверстие дезинфицирующим средством. Раз в день прокол отмачивают в соляном растворе. На каждую манипуляцию уходит минимум 10 минут.

The puncture procedure is painful even in the salon. Have to go through a few rather difficult minutes. Also, unpleasant sensations will be in the first two weeks after the puncture. For those who are afraid of pain, the navel puncture will be unpleasant.

Do not do piercing, if a person likes tight things. Do not wear dense clothing when healing. And then the decoration will cling to it all the time, which can lead to a rupture. Yes, and sticking the catkins through the clothes like not everyone.

When to do piercing

On a flat stomach, piercings look much better than on fat folds. Decoration attracts attention, which means you need to evaluate your forms. Not every tummy is worth emphasizing in this way, sometimes the emphasis is better done on other parts of the body.

Piercing is relevant for those who wear open things, often appear in swimsuits. At the same time, the decoration can be demonstrated. But people make such a puncture for themselves and only in an intimate atmosphere show.

It is worth doing piercing to those who are not afraid of pain. The procedure does not last long, and at any time, you can remove the decoration, everything grows over several years. Trace from the piercing navel will not be visible.

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